For the theremin’s 100th anniversary, Moog unveils the gorgeous Claravox Centennial

It’s been a full century since Leon Theremin created the electronic instrument bearing his name, and to celebrate Moog is releasing what must surely be the best-looking (and may be the best-soun

Jammit Lets Budding Rock Stars Play Along With, Isolate, And Record Over The “Masters”

While magical mobile devices are <a href="">able to simulate instruments in wild and mind-blow

Video: The Ningen Gakki Turns Your Body Into A Musical Instrument

<img src="" /> Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has developed <a href="">a gadget</a> [JP] t

The Dube Has Just Made Your Old Percussion Instruments Obsolete

<img src="" />Ladies and gentleman, please welcome The Dube into your lives. “What's The Dube?” Glad you asked. It' the brainchild o

Plant theremin makes weird noises, photosynthesizes

<img src="" /><a href="">Improvised</a> and <a href="http:/

Amazing guitar hack has perpendicular strings, robo-fingers

<img src="" />This video is one of the most pleasant surprises I've had in quite a while. Not only is the gadgetry excellent, but the mus

New Rock Band 2 Instrument Coming (??)

Could it be the flugelhorn? Official XBOX Magazine found that the orange input on the Rock Band 2 drum set is not an input for a second kick pedal as was previously thought. Harmonix have yet to relea

It's a guitar, it's a computer, it's – it's – a compuitar! TechEBlog has a cool little pair of guitars that also happen to be PCs (or are they PCs that also happen to be guitars? Go ask Chuang Tzu). The one in the video above is a

Music man: Laser harp plays pre-programmed samples, looks halfway decent

Who knew Seth knew how to play the harp? This $600 gadget is a laser harp of sorts. Popular Mechanics has a video of it in action. As the video shows—why can’t I embed it?—every time

Guitar Rising: Like Guitar Hero but for real guitars Guitar Rising will do for your real guitar playing skills what Guitar Hero and Rock Band did for your fake guitar playing skills. It’s a game/lesson teacher

Instruments for Rock Band priced, dated

OK, sports fans, the individual instruments for Rock Band will begin shipping on February 12. The drum kit is first and will retail for $80. The Strat comes next on April 1st for $60 (PS2/3 and Xbox 3

CES 2008: Play It, Record It

For millions of years, people have been listening to music. But now, thanks to new technology, they can actually make music as well. At CES, I came across a few items that made my inner musician geek

Centerfold Guitar Folds in Half and Doesn't Even Need to be Retuned

This Centerfold guitar, they want us to know, is the world’s first guitar that folds in half for easy transport. It takes just 20 seconds to go from musical instrument to compact, everyday blunt

The Quest For The $400 Game

With the success of Guitar Hero 2, it was only a matter of time before some publishers and developers went “Hey…what if we did the same concept with a whole band?!” Rock Band is that

Electronic USB Wind Instrument: Go Ahead, Pretend You're a Real Musician

The electronic wind instrument USB is a testament to the human inventive spirit. It looks to be a cross between a flute and a clarinet and plugs into your PC’s USB port. There, software instrume