• How to clog your arteries the fun and flavorful way!

    Instructables has, um, instructions for preparing a “Blooming Onion” of the sort you find at fine restaurant chains throughout the United States. I don’t know if this wonderful delicacy has crossed the pond yet, so maybe this will be a treat for our European readers. Read More

  • Party people, wave your wristbands in the air

    This cool Instructable teaches you how to build your own persistance of vision wristband, one of those things that spell a word when you swing it in front of someone fast enough. The device uses a Lilypad Arduino board and about eight 8 LEDs. Read More

  • DIY garage door sensor

    I don’t use my garage very often, but I am a pretty forgetful person. So it’s not uncommon for me to leave my garage door open all night, revealing its precious contents to passers-by. Thankfully I haven’t been burgled yet. And now, thanks to a new instructable, I can make my own “Hey dummy, you left your garage door open” reminder system! Read More