• Google Contributes Two Projects To Eclipse Foundation Valued At $5 Million

    Back in August, Google acquired a Java/AJAX tool-developer called Instantiations. The company made a number of popular premium applications used by developers to help streamline production of their Java apps, particularly on Google Web Toolkit. And soon after the acquisition, Google rebranded and released these applications free of charge. Today, Google is announcing that it’s doing… Read More

  • Google Buys Java/Ajax Tool-Maker Instantiations

    Instantiations has been known for their popular Java/Ajax development tools and in particular their Google Web Toolkit (GWT) designer. They’re so closely associated with it that at the top of their page, they note: “GWT Designer is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google Inc.” Except now they can change that part. Because Google has just acquired them. The company has… Read More