• Crunch Report | Facebook Messenger Instant Games

    The sales results from Cyber Monday 2016, Facebook Messenger launches Instant Games, Starburst Ventures wants to bankroll space, Lyft now tells you the cost of your ride ahead of time and BreakfastNY creates an analog wonder. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

  • Instant’s New Android App Lets You Track Just About Anything

    Instant’s New Android App Lets You Track Just About Anything

    Quantified-self enthusiasts – those who are somewhat obsessed with using technology to better understand themselves, their daily habits and personal trends – have been fortunate to have a wide variety of niche apps to choose from for measuring everything from athletic activity, to travel time, and even time you’ve spent using your smartphone on a given day. But for the most… Read More

  • Polaroid's taking its instant biz digital

    [photopress:polaroid_zink_w606.jpg,full,center] Polaroid is staying in the instant photo biz with the ZINK printer. Keep it in your pocket, and when you’ve got an image you want to print, just send it to the tiny printer from your camera to have a regular-sized, sticky print in just under a minute. If you’re old school, you can shake it while it comes out. It connects via USB… Read More