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Instagram won’t comment on rumored video calling feature

Instagram copied the ‘Snap’ and now it might be going after the ‘chat’. A video calling feature was spotted in a non-public version of Instagram by WhatsApp industry blog WABet

‪Instagram now autoplays video sound once turned on until you close the app

Autoplay audio can be annoying or convenient depending on the situation. Luckily Instagram has found a happy medium between defaulting autoplay video sound on or off. This weekend TechCrunch spotted t

Five principles for building the next great video platform

Video is eating the internet. It accounts for nearly 75 percent of internet traffic, with Americans consuming more than an hour of online videos each day -- more than three times as much as in 2011. E

Instagram adds an Events channel to show you the best videos from concerts and sporting events

Over the past year Instagram has been working to reinvigorate the Explore tab, which is the app’s place for showing you personalized content. What started as a simple algorithm to determine pho

Instagram launches personalized video feed and themed channels in Explore

Instagram wants to show you the best videos without completely destroying the sanctity of your main feed, so today it overhauled the Explore page with a slew of new video channels. Most importantly, t

Instagram needs editing tools to make new 60-second videos tolerable

Most people are terrible at shooting video. Any longer than 15-seconds and it will probably be boring. That’s why Instagram capped videos at a quarter-minute when it launched the feature in 2013

Fly Or Die: Instagram Video

Now that the dust has settled around the <a href="">Instagram Video launch</a>, we thought it was high time to take a good look at the p

Facebook Patents Point To An All-Seeing, All-Hearing Instagram Video

Facial recognition, landmark detection, and even audio cues picked up through your phone’s microphone could let Instagram Video intelligently suggest a cover frame for mini-movies or even tag th

A Professional Viner’s Take On Instagram Video

I've already <a href="">said my piece</a> when it comes to the <a href="

Instagram, Give Me A Photos-Only Stream Or Give Me Death

You hear that? It's the sound of <a href="">130 million</a> people closing the Instagram app. Ok, perhaps that's a b

Video Killed The Instagram Star

Instagram, an app best known for photo-sharing, added video last week, as it sought to defend against the advance of Twitter’s fast-growing video-sharing app Vine. It gave users a new way to share w

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Instagram Video, Samsung Stuff, And MakerBot

Did you hear? Did you hear? Instagram now has video! It may or may not be better than Vines. Samsung released a bunch of computers and cameras and phones with strange names. That was fun. And of c

Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What’s The Difference?

Instagram just launched video functionality. Glorious, 15-second, editable video functionality. Complete with image stabilization. So what does this mean for Vine?

Instagram Launches Cinema, Its Fix For The iPhone’s Shaky Camera

Instagram today finally unveiled<a href=""> its anticipated video service</a> and served it with a kicker, great for those of us with sh