instacart IPO

Cava’s sensible IPO ambitions could spur more companies to go public

Cava's multi-billion-dollar IPO valuation could be the kick in the pants that companies need to start going public again.

Instacart’s Q4 results impressed. Are they good enough to push it toward an IPO?

Let's peek at the latest data and take stock of how far — and perhaps how close — Instacart has come to matching its performance and price.

What does Instacart’s supposedly delayed IPO teach us about how unicorns think?

Instacart delaying its IPO has left us bereft of new unicorn liquidity data for the rest of 2022. But this turn of events does teach us a few things.

The upcoming TripActions IPO has us hype

The IPO market is still frozen like a Nordic lake dotted with fishing huts, but Instacart and TripActions offer signs that a thaw is now in sight.

Keeping financial tabs on Instacart as it preps its IPO

Instacart's willingness to go public this year is now slightly better understood after The Wall Street Journal reported that it isn't planning on a mega-fundraise when it does list.

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