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The recent tech IPOs are flirting with negative territory

Klaviyo's and Instacart's shares went on to trade above their initial IPO pricing after Arm's own listing. However, the momentum hasn't lasted long.

Klaviyo’s strong IPO pricing should give unicorns an idea of what they are worth

Defending — or nearly defending — a 2021-era valuation in a 2023 IPO is impressive, given how much the value of tech companies has changed in the past year and a half.

Equity Live: Self-flying helicopters, AI and the battle of the features

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups. We were live at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023!

Instacart’s IPO storms out the gate, showing that unicorns can, in fact, go public and survive

For startups dying of thirst in this desert devoid of capital, Instacart could not have offered up a more satisfying glass of cool water.

Can the tech IPO market keep up its positive momentum?

If investor sentiment does turn out to be that good, these IPOs could prove a boon for late-stage startups everywhere.

Is Instacart’s new IPO price range justified?

In its S-1, Instacart describes itself as a "grocery technology company." But does that warrant a tech valuation?

Klaviyo could be the rare startup to defend a late-stage 2021 valuation

As the IPO market slowly comes back to life, it's becoming easier to understand just how far off the mark some startup valuations were back in 2021.

Instacart’s IPO price range puts it close to decacorn status

The company could sell as much as $616 million worth of its stock in its IPO.

Instacart, Klaviyo and the art of the unicorn haircut

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups. Our Monday show covers the latest in tech news from the weekend and what’s making headlines early in the week.

Tech companies are finding their profitability groove

Tech companies are getting the hang of making money, or at least they're losing far less than they used to when money was cheap and "growth" was sexy.

The difference between good and great founders

This is our Wednesday show, in which we sit down with a guest (Anu Hariharan), talk about their work and unpack the rest.

Klaviyo could break the unicorn IPO logjam

Klaviyo could be the torch bearer tech startups have been waiting for. Let's dig into its IPO filing this morning to figure out how it's grown.

IPOs are back and the Equity crew is feasting

Our Monday show covers the latest in tech news from the weekend and what’s making headlines early in the week.

Five takeaways from Instacart’s S-1 filing

After so long an IPO drought, what does Instacart have in store for its existing investors and those perhaps looking to snap up some of its shares?

Everyone’s talking about tech IPOs again

After going on about tech IPOs and the ongoing drought for so long, I would like a change in theme, one driven by SEC filings and data.

Cava’s sensible IPO ambitions could spur more companies to go public

Cava's multi-billion-dollar IPO valuation could be the kick in the pants that companies need to start going public again.

Instacart’s Q4 results impressed. Are they good enough to push it toward an IPO?

Let's peek at the latest data and take stock of how far — and perhaps how close — Instacart has come to matching its performance and price.

What does Instacart’s supposedly delayed IPO teach us about how unicorns think?

Instacart delaying its IPO has left us bereft of new unicorn liquidity data for the rest of 2022. But this turn of events does teach us a few things.

The upcoming TripActions IPO has us hype

The IPO market is still frozen like a Nordic lake dotted with fishing huts, but Instacart and TripActions offer signs that a thaw is now in sight.

Keeping financial tabs on Instacart as it preps its IPO

Instacart's willingness to go public this year is now slightly better understood after The Wall Street Journal reported that it isn't planning on a mega-fundraise when it does list.
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