InsiteVR grabs $1.5M in seed funding to bring 3D models to life in VR

Most of the companies raising funding in the VR space right now are focused on entertaining potential consumers. Perhaps getting less attention are the companies jockeying to provide cool solutions f

The Four Best Reasons To Attend Disrupt SF

The 6th annual Disrupt SF (Sept. 21-23) kicks off Monday next week at Pier 70 in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. We expect record-breaking attendance.  Maybe you should be there too, and here are fo

Where Is The Disrupt NY 2014 Hackathon Winner Now?

With Disrupt NY 2015 only a month away, we thought it’d be fun to look back at the winner of the Disrupt NY 2014 Hackathon to see what they’ve been up to in the last year. As you may recall, the v

InsiteVR Makes It Easy To Bring 3D Models Into Your Virtual World

As we all entire the bright VR future we find ourselves at an impasse: we all have amazing 3D models we want to see appear before us like tiny digital floating incubi but how do you get those selfsame