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Inside Jobs: The Facilities Manager Who’s Been Google, Facebook And Now Flipboard’s Secret Weapon

On a perfect day for Scott Oligher, most of his coworkers will hardly notice the work he’s done at all. That’s because as the head of facilities at Flipboard, Oligher is in charge of makin

Inside Jobs: How Alice Lee Blends Art And Tech As An Illustrator At Dropbox

It might not seem like artistic pursuits have much of a place in multi-billion dollar software businesses. But as you can see in this week’s episode of Inside Jobs, creating art is a full-time j

Inside Jobs: What It’s Like To Be The Community Director At Polyvore

For a consumer-facing technology startup, the people who make the biggest impact on the company’s success or failure are not the founders. They’re actually not even employed by the company

Inside Jobs: What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A ‘Solutions Architect’?

Some jobs have names that make it pretty easy to understand what they do: Airplane pilot, waitress, doctor, shoe salesman. But in today’s tech industry, there are a lot of job titles that are fa

Inside Jobs: What It Takes To Be The PR Lead At A Startup

When a tech company makes the news, the public usually sees the names of a few people: tech executives and the journalist who wrote the story. But oftentimes, a public relations person was involved to

Inside Jobs: Why The Best Software Engineers Never Stop Learning

How often are you so impressed by a website or technology service that you think, “I really want to be a part of that” — so much that you set out to get a job at the company? That&#8

Inside Jobs: Why Fitbit’s Tim Roberts Looks For Rock Bands, Not Just Rock Stars

As a kid growing up, Tim Roberts wanted to be an artist. Today as an adult, he’s the vice president of interactive and design at personal health tracking startup Fitbit. On the surface, it might

Inside Jobs: What Loudr’s In-House Attorney Loves About Digging Into Legal Docs

Lawyers are infamous for having jobs that are hard to understand. There’s a reason why “legalese” is a term, after all. But Annie Lin, the senior counsel at music licensing and distr

Inside Jobs: How iOS Developer Danilo Campos Battles To Bring New Apps To Life

Mobile apps are something that you interact with on a very personal basis — you carry them around in your pocket, check in with them frequently, and really let them into your life. So in this ep

Inside Jobs: Why Facebook’s Hardware Engineering Head Likes Getting His Hands Dirty

When you think about the upper echelons of technical fields like hardware engineering, you might think of lifelong academics with multiple degrees in engineering and math and science. But if there's o

Inside Jobs: How True & Co.’s Head Of UX Blends Psychology With Technology

The technology industry today has job titles that you don't really find anywhere else. User experience, or "UX", is one of them. It seems like every tech company is hiring in "UX design" and "UX resea

Inside Jobs: How Medium’s Product Scientist Brings Data To Life

The tech press can make it seem like the most important people in the industry are those with "founder" or "chief" in their job titles. But the truth is, the people who <em>really</em> make the tech

Inside Jobs: How Pinterest’s Top Engineering Exec Really Works

We in the tech press are great at covering what it's like to be a startup founder. But the world does not live by entrepreneurs alone. One big reason that companies are so keen to tout <a href="ht