Input Devices

  • 3D Gesture Control Is An Area Of Focus On Innovation We Likely Don’t Need Or Want

    3D Gesture Control Is An Area Of Focus On Innovation We Likely Don’t Need Or Want

    Minority Report was an enjoyable action flick, but it may hold the blame for getting the idea stuck in our collective heads that 3D gesture control is the next frontier for computing. The Kinect from Microsoft helped further this idea around as well, with a pretty good (though highly limited regarding needed space, applications, etc.) gesture experience. But a lot of startups and other… Read More

  • COOL LEAF: Mirror-like, button-less, flat input devices

    A Japanese company called Minebea has announced [press release in English] a series of input devices, namely a keyboard, remote control and calculator, that have three things in common: They are stylish (with a mirror look), offer no physical buttons and are really flat. Based on a “next generation” input system Minebea has dubbed COOL LEAF, the designers did away with all key tops. Read More

  • Button-less multitouch trackpad coming from Synaptics

    Synaptics, purveyor of fine touchpads, recently demonstrated its upcoming “ClickPad,” which is basically a button-less multitouch trackpad that’s “ideal for space constrained netbooks where real estate is at a premium in the palmrest.” Read More

  • 'Swiftpoint SLIDER' looks to replace your trackpad

    Though the Swiftpoint SLIDER shown in the above photo may look like a full-sized mousing apparatus, make no mistake; it’s tiny and it fits around your thumb. It can also be flipped up sideways and used somewhat like a pen. Read More

  • Sole Mio, No Recharge-O

    The Sole Mio is a solar-powered wireless mouse currently being developed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. I can’t tell if it’s Bluetooth or RF (maybe they haven’t gotten that far yet) but it uses about 20mA of electricity while you’re using it and it holds 300mAh when fully charged. I like the idea of a solar-powered mouse, but it’s… Read More

  • MoGo Mouse X54 Wins Award; Buy At Least Two

    Is it me or are there just way way too many awards given out at CES? Not that the MoGo Mouse X54 from Newton Peripherals is deserving of some praise, but seriously do you people really care that it won the “coveted “Best of CES” award from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)?” I guess I shouldn’t be so bitter about it. The MoGo is a cool little product… Read More