• Taking the “dysfunction” out of cross-functional teams Crunch Network

    Taking the “dysfunction” out of cross-functional teams

    As part of our Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) engineering meet-up series, I had the opportunity to host a panel of leaders of various functions at Twitter, Oculus and Facebook to discuss best practices in cross-group teamwork and collaboration — this is what they said. Read More

  • The future of business is good jobs as a service Crunch Network

    The future of business is good jobs as a service

    Most people in business and finance (and most people, frankly) think that the new economy (of artificial intelligence and autonomous machines) is like the old economy: satisfying customers’ needs for products and services. But, the real heart of the new economy will be about helping people need each other more. Read More

  • Disrupting the wrong stuff

    Disrupting the wrong stuff

    Author Tom Wolfe once wrote a book about the American space program called The Right Stuff. Last week I wrote a piece called Technology is disrupting everything. I don’t bring up Wolfe’s work to compare myself to him — that would be laughable — but because an astute reader named John G. Moore, Jr. left me a comment in that piece that got me thinking we are in fact… Read More

  • Technology is disrupting everything

    Technology is disrupting everything

    I spent a good part of my day yesterday attending the On-demand Economy conference at MIT. It was an interesting if somewhat academic look at the changes facing us as individuals, organizations and as a society as we shift to an on-demand world. What struck me beyond how this new way of doing business is affecting us, was how technology was driving this change — and that the speed… Read More

  • Why Big Companies Keep Failing: The Stack Fallacy Crunch Network

    Why Big Companies Keep Failing: The Stack Fallacy

    Stack fallacy has caused many companies to attempt to capture new markets and fail spectacularly. When you see a database company thinking apps are easy, or a VM company thinking big data is easy  — they are suffering from stack fallacy. Stack fallacy is the mistaken belief that it is trivial to build the layer above yours. Read More

  • Advice For Higher-Yielding Agriculture Startups Crunch Network

    Advice For Higher-Yielding Agriculture Startups

    With interest and investment in food and agriculture startups reaching record levels, new entrepreneurs are entering this important sector, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives on how best to feed the world. While numerous opportunities exist to make a difference in this space, I’ve noticed some common pitfalls for new entrants. Read More

  • The Two Distinct Types Of Fintech Innovation Crunch Network

    The Two Distinct Types Of Fintech Innovation

    Fintech, the (faintly uncool) term for financial technology, is booming these days. But it’s wrong to think of fintech as a single sector. There are two very distinct types of fintech innovation that entrepreneurs, consumers, investors and regulators need to be able to tell apart. To understand the distinction, it’s helpful to take a look at venture-backed innovation in general. Read More

  • In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever

    In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever

    Think about how frustrated you were the last time you waited for your cable guy to show up, or how annoyed you got when you settled into the back of a cab, only to have the driver tell you he wouldn’t take a credit a card. What about the time you had to pay a hefty fee for the right to text and use data on your smartphone outside of the country? These scenarios are probably all too… Read More

  • Disruption In Healthcare Could Be Costly Crunch Network

    Disruption In Healthcare Could Be Costly

    Entrepreneurs are giving the healthcare industry a much-needed injection of innovation. Enthusiasm for new ideas and solutions in healthcare is clear from the 200 percent growth in funding for digital health companies between 2010 and 2014. Digital health companies received a record-breaking $4.1 billion in funding in 2014, and more than $600 million in the first quarter of 2015. Read More

  • Labs And Incubators Fuel Enterprise Innovation

    Labs And Incubators Fuel Enterprise Innovation

    Change doesn’t come easily to large organizations. Over time they have established a firm set of core business processes to give  them the structure to manage massive workforces, which makes sense, but it also means they lack the agility of smaller companies. They have created systems to provide safe and effective ways of doing business, which protects companies from chaotic… Read More

  • With Tech, What’s Old Is New Again Crunch Network

    With Tech, What’s Old Is New Again

    Technology tends to run in cycles, and as it evolves some early failed attempts might be worth another look in the context of more modern infrastructure. In several instances lately, whether streaming video or meal delivery, everything old has become new again. Streaming Video? Been There, Done That Let’s start with video streaming darlings Meerkat and Periscope as a prime example… Read More

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