Co-founder of unicorn InMobi is launching a bike-sharing startup in India

Over in India, there are a handful of startups working to get the country’s billion-person population on bikes. One of them is Yulu, co-founded by Amit Gupta, who formerly co-founded profitable,

India’s tech bubble is about to burst

TechCrunch Staff Contributor More posts by this contributor Thailand passes controversial cybersecurity law that could enable government surveillance Meet the women inventing the future in the TechMAK

Cheetah Mobile Will Launch Its Online Advertising Platform In India

Best known as an Android utility app maker, Cheetah Mobile is now focused on global growth for its mobile advertising business. The Beijing-based company announced today that it will launch its advert

With A Slew Of US Investors, Zimmber Launches Home Service Marketplace For India

A who's-who of big time American investors are bringing the marketplace investment thesis behind HomeJoy and Handy to India -- backing the new startup Zimmber. Ram Shriram, the founder of Sherpalo Ven

InMobi’s New Suite For Game Developers Sports Voxel’s Playable Ads

Independent ad network InMobi is touting a new solution for developers to take advantage of gamers' emotional states to producer high click-thru rates on advertisements in their games. Along with tool

InMobi Launches Interactive Video Ad Platform To Help Advertisers Boost Sales On Mobile

InMobi is making its biggest push so far in capturing a larger share of the $11.9 billion mobile advertising market, as it launches its new video ad platform today. The new mobile video platform also

InMobi Launches New AppGalleries, A White Label App Store For Publishers To Curate Apps, And Boost Mobile Ads

Just over a year after <a href="">InMobi bought MMTG Labs</a>, the mobile ad company is today unveiling the first bi

InMobi Launches App Publish, An Android App Distribution Platform Covering 130+ Stores; Puts Its Metaflow Acquisition To Work

Mobile advertising network <a target="_blank" href="">InMobi</a> today took one more step in its bid to be a one-stop shop for developers' app marketing needs, in the process taki

Rovio Beefs Up Global Advertising Team With Hires From Apple, Millennial Media, And inMobi

As Rovio plans its entry into the <a href="">cartoon business</a>, the company has announced a

Mobile Ad Network InMobi Buys Overlay Media To Improve Ad Personalization, And More

Mobile ad network InMobi continues to make use of the $200 million in financing it received in 2011 from Softbank: today it is announcing the acquisition of Overlay Media, a UK-based developer of &#8

Mobile Ad Network InMobi Announces Free ‘Lifetime Value Platform’ To Help Developers Deliver Targeted Content

Thanks in part to <a href="">some recent acquisitions</a>, <a target="_blank" href="h

Mobile Ad Network InMobi Continues Buying Spree, Picks Up Metaflow Solutions For App Distribution

The shopping spree for <a target="_blank" href="">InMobi</a> continues apace: today the mobile advertising network has <a target="_blank" href="

InMobi: Smartphone Ad Impressions Up 488% In 2011, Tablets Up 771%

Independent mobile ad network <a href="">InMobi</a> has released its <a href="">Mobile Market 2011 Review report</a> today, finding significant gro

Report: 41% Of North American Mobile Users To Buy The iPhone 5

We know the iPhone 5 is being <a href="">debuted soon</a> and <a href="">reports poin

Softbank Pumps $200 Million Into Mobile Ad Network Company InMobi

<a href="">InMobi</a>, which bills itself as the world's largest independent mobile ad network, has <a href="

InMobi Now Reaches 83 Million U.S. Consumers, Steals Millennial Media Exec

Mobile ad network operator <a href="">InMobi</a> <a href="

InMobi signs "multi-million dollar" mobile ad partnership with Amobee

<img alt="" src="" title="InMobi" class="shot" width="150" height="59" />Independent mobile ad network <a href="http://

InMobi Adds More Evidence That Android Is #Winning (With 37 Percent Mobile Ad Share)

<img src=""> The <a href="

For InMobi, Apple And Android Are Eating Up Global Mobile Ad Share

<img src=""> Global mobile ad network <a href="">InMobi</a> is making a big push to gain smartphone

InMobi: iPhone OS dominates European mobile ad market with 31.9% share

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Research</a> from mobile ad network provider <a href="http://www.crunch
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