Inking New Deals With Pearson And Elsevier, Inkling Nets $16M From Sequoia & More To Digitize The World’s Textbooks

With the word beginning to quietly leak out last week (<a target="_blank" href="">thanks to its regulatory

Inkling Takes Dead Aim At Apple And Amazon With New Google Search-Friendly Digital Publishing Tools

This won't come as a surprise, but the publishing industry is in trouble. Digital technologies have transformed the publishing landscape -- just as they did for music -- from the way companies distrib

Ebook Publisher Inkling Launches Its Own Online Store: An Amazon For Illustrated Learning Content

Since its launch in 2009, <a target="_blank" href="">Inkling</a> has been on a mission to reinvent publishing for the mobile, digital era by building engaging, interactive lear

An Answer To Apple: Inkling Creates First Industrial-Grade Publishing Platform For Interactive eBooks

Inkling Co-founder and CEO Matthew MacInnis tells us that, two years ago, the team set out to build a publishing platform that would redefine digital media, starting with the reinvention of the textbo

Wacom’s Inkling Captures What You Draw On Paper Digitally (Amazing Video)

<a href="">Wacom</a> has announced a pretty amazing product today, the <a href="">Inkling</a>. This so-called Digital Sket

Sequoia-Backed Inkling Updates iPad E-Textbook Platform With Collaborative Study Groups And More

Sequoia-backed <a href="">Inkling,</a> a startup that develops an innovative digital textbook platform, is is releasing version 2.0 of its technology, which comes with increased

Digital Textbook Startup Inkling Nabs 'Multi-Million Dollar' Investment From McGraw-Hill And Pearson

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Inkling,</a> a startup that develops an innovative digital textbook platform,

Inkling Debuts Interactive iPad Textbook Experience With Photography App

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Digital Textbook Startup Inkling Scores Sequoia Funding, Publisher Deals

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As Publishers Try To Adapt To The iPad, Startups Spring To The Rescue

<img src="" width="215" height="118" />Now that the iPad is finally official, any publisher that wasn't already figuring out how to

Inkling: The Invisible Hand Predicts iPods, Other Stuff

is a fantasy stock market that predicts outcomes based on the free market. It works like this: users create questions and potential outcomes (“Will it rain tomorrow?”, “At which majo