A Symphony of printers

<img src="" alt="inkjet symphony" title="inkjet symphony" />Here's a fun video made by Kingston University design graduates Tom

The sad truth about inkjet printers

<img src="">There are a couple of different opinions floating around right now on how to best measure the cost of printing with an inkj

Kodak EasyShare 5300: Don't Believe The Hype

Though new to the world of desktop printing, Kodak still has an illustrious past with some excellent products. But its reputation could be going down the drain thanks to some recent claims the photo-c

Ink Rechargink Station For Inkjet Cartridges

A station located in convenient locations so inkjet users can recharge their ink carts? That’s brilliant. This KIS Rechargink station was being demoed at Photokina, and is supposed to re-juice y