• The top seven iPad knockoffs

    Either you lead or follow and Chinese manufacturing houses have been chasing Apple’s designs for years. The iPad is just their latest victim. You can’t blame them, really. It’s the hottest device since the rotary phone. We’ve seen a steady stream of clones flowing onto the web for months. Here’s the seven best starting with the just-found iPed. Read More

  • Inkia's iPad clone, inPad, gets spec'd out

    The Inkia inPad is a shameless iPad clone right down to the bezel and name. We first spotted the clone a few weeks back but hardware details didn’t accompany the pictures. Basically, a Chinese manufacturer got our attention by photocoping the iPad and installed Android. But we’ve kind of lost interest now that we know what’s on the inside. Read More

  • The Inkia inPad 701 and inPad 702 breaks onto the scene

    >Inkia isn’t a new player in the tablet game and so the inPad 701 and inPad 702 might be solid contenders. Details are a bit light but we know that both run Android on a 7-inch screen with the 702 model getting a 3G module. It’s probably safe to assume that the target market is Asia but retails such as Dynamism has a long history of bringing similar products to the states. That… Read More

  • The Inkia MID500n shows love and affection by cloning the Viliv S5

    People love the Viliv S5. It’s a highly portable 4.8-inch Windows XP slate with 3G wireless, a webcam, and a GPS. It’s great. Inkia obviously thought so too as the MID500n is nearly an exact, although a bit less powerful, copy of the S5. Read More

  • First look: Inkia MID500 5-inch slate computer

    The Inkia MID500 just hit my desk and I have to show it off. Well, it’s kind of my job. I’ll publish a full review in a week or so, but for now, click through for a video hands-on and my initial pros and cons about the $349 5-inch tablet computer. Read More