The top seven iPad knockoffs

<img src="">Either you lead or follow and Chinese manufacturing houses have been chasing Apple's designs for years. The <a

Inkia's iPad clone, inPad, gets spec'd out

<img src="">The Inkia inPad is a shameless iPad clone right down to the bezel and name. We first <a href="http://www.crunchgea

The Inkia inPad 701 and inPad 702 breaks onto the scene

><img src=""><a href="">Inkia</a> isn't a new player in the tablet game and so the inPad 7

The Inkia MID500n shows love and affection by cloning the Viliv S5

<img src="">People love the <a href="">Viliv S5</a>. It's a highly portable 4.8-inch Window

First look: Inkia MID500 5-inch slate computer

The Inkia MID500 just hit my desk and I have to show it off. Well, it’s kind of my job. I’ll publish a full review in a week or so, but for now, click through for a video hands-on and my i