Download An MP3, Get Expelled

Universities like Columbia and UCLA have recently come under fire from the RIAA and House committees, and are being pressured into upping the consequences for illegally downloading music. Nineteen uni

Symantec Suing Eight Companies Over Piracy

Sheesh. I wonder if Symantec is going after the guy TorrentFreak interviewed. I doubt it, as Symantec is attacking eight companies it says illegally copied its software to avoid licensing fees. The so

Microsoft Wants Money From Open Source

Monday rolls around and the first thing I have to deal with is more of Microsoft’s crap. The software giant wants open-source software users to fork over money in the form of royalties. Why? Bec

Vonage Lawyer Equates Ruling to 'Cutting Off Oxygen'

A federal judge ruled today that Vonage cannot service new customers while it appeals that it infringed Verizon patents. The judge also ordered that the company post a $66 million bond. Roger Warin, V

Apple, Samsung, Sandisk Sued Over MP3 Patent Infringement

With last week’s record-breaking pay out from Microsoft over a patent, it was only a matter of time before a bunch of nasty trolls came out of the woodwork to prey on innocent, unsuspecting comp