For the CHIPS Act to pay off, the US needs a historic investment in memory production

Semiconductor memory is foundational to our nation’s technical leadership and yet is more at risk than ever.

Vessel Capital emerges from stealth with $55M fund focused on web3 infrastructure and apps

Vessel Capital, a web3 venture fund, has emerged from stealth with $55 million in assets under management to invest in infrastructure and applications, the firm exclusively told TechCrunch. Founded by

Inngest helps developers build their back-end workflows, raises $3M

Inngest, an open source startup that helps developers build and manage serverless queues, background jobs and workflows, today announced that it has raised a $3 million seed round led by GGV. Co-found

Back-end development platform Platformatic raises $3.5M

Platformatic, a new back-end development platform, wants to make it easier for enterprises to modernize their infrastructure by giving them the tools to build and deploy microservices-based architectu

Vantage raises $21M Series A to help bring down cloud costs

Vantage, a startup that helps businesses better understand their cloud infrastructure spend (and automate their savings), today announced that it has raised a $21 million Series A funding round led by

Caldera raises $9M from two rounds led by Sequoia and Dragonfly Capital

Caldera, a no-code web3 infrastructure platform, raised $9 million across two rounds, its co-founder, Matt Katz, exclusively told TechCrunch. The startup was founded in March 2022 by Katz and Parker J

QuickNode raises $60M at $800M valuation to become the ‘AWS or Azure of blockchain’

QuickNode, a blockchain deployment platform, has raised $60 million in a Series B round for an $800 million valuation.

MetalSoft aims to help manage server infrastructure through automation

It’s tough in the current economic climate to hire and retain engineers focused on system admin, DevOps and network architecture. In a recent Gartner survey, IT executives cited talent shortages

Apple pledges $450M toward expanding the satellite infrastructure powering Emergency SOS

As a part of its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, Apple will invest $450 million in satellite network and ground stations to power Emergency SOS, its service for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups th

Docker launches a first preview of its WebAssembly tooling

Docker is still around and likely doing better — at last in financial terms — than during its early hype cycle that kicked off the container revolution (only to then be eclipsed by Kubernetes

Goldsky raises $20M to bring real-time, on-chain data to crypto companies

Despite well-known volatility in the crypto market, crypto startups building infrastructure to support the industry’s long-term growth have seemed to fare better than their peers. This is especi

Massdriver wants to abstract away infrastructure to let devs focus on coding

Modern DevOps turned back the clock on agile software development. Them’s fighting words, but they’re words Cory O’Daniel, the CEO of Massdriver, stands by. From his point of view, e

A look into how Conversion Capital plans to back fintech and infrastructure startups out of its new, 6x larger fund

When Christian Lawless founded Conversion Capital in 2015, fintech was only starting to take off. But Lawless, who started the venture firm after serving in leadership positions in capital markets at

Deno raises $21M to launch a fully managed runtime service

Deno, the development company behind the eponymous Deno runtime, today announced that it closed a $21 million Series A round led by Sequoia that brings its total raised to $26 million. According to CE

As markets go down, government tech spending stays steady: How can investors tap in?

Despite the gloom, doom and scramble for yield, one sector is often overlooked, where backing technology will produce returns no matter the state of the economy: government spending in tech.

Synthesis Capital closed its first fund with $300M, giving boost to food tech’s future

While much of the recent capital has targeted the consumer-facing, or downstream side, the firm believes future investments will go into technologies closer to the farm or lab.

Eridan reinvents a piece of mobile infrastructure and calls up $46M in funding

Most of the time no one has to think about how the mobile networks we all rely on work. But it won’t surprise many to hear that, as is often the case with infrastructure, some pieces are the lat

Exafunction aims to reduce AI dev costs by abstracting away hardware

The most sophisticated AI systems today are capable of impressive feats, from directing cars through city streets to writing human-like prose. But they share a common bottleneck: hardware. Developing

A look at all 35 international fintech startups at YC’s winter 2022 Demo Day

As more banking, e-commerce and insurance startups work to improve the way business is done in emerging countries, it should come as no surprise that this winter’s Y Combinator batch is rife with re

Migrante steps on the gas of vehicle leasing for gig workers in Latin America

The company develops secured loans for motorcycles, cars and trucks so borrowers can improve their income.
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