Aston Martin is finally upgrading its stale infotainment system

When it comes to touchscreens and in-car entertainment, Aston Martin has not only lagged behind ultra-luxury rivals such as Lamborghini and Bentley, it has trailed lower priced tech-forward models as

The best (and weirdest) future car tech at CES 2022

Another virtual year at CES 2022 is in the bag for TechCrunch, and even though we attended the event remotely, one thing in the vehicle space was made abundantly clear: Your car is about so much more

Qualcomm commits to auto sector, locking in new clients for its Snapdragon Digital Chassis

Tech giant Qualcomm signaled a strong commitment to furthering its technologies in the automotive sector at CES this year, announcing new OEM clients and the opening of an engineering software office

Your iPhone could eventually control your car’s climate and seats

A new report claims Apple is developing a CarPlay upgrade codenamed "IronHeart" that would let you use your iPhone to control the climate system, radio, seats and even the instrument clusters.

Google partners with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to put Android into millions of vehicles

Google will partner with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the largest auto alliance in the world by vehicle sales, to put Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars, the companies told Wall St

Wondery wants to become Hollywood’s podcast dream factory

When Hernan Lopez, the former chief executive of Fox International, started the podcast network Wondery roughly two years ago with a seed investment from his former bosses at Fox Networks Group, podca

BMW to bring Alexa to its cars starting in 2018

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will be your cockpit companion in future BMWs: The automaker will offer Alexa in select cars starting in 2018, Amazon announced today at a special event revealing

Why BMW is betting on the cloud

In 10 years, when autonomous driving is mainstream, we'll have a fundamentally different relationship with our cars and driving in general. Every major car company is fully aware of this, but not all

2017 Land Rover Discovery: hardcore tech for normcore drivers

The all-new 2017 Land Rover Discovery — Disco to its friends — is packed from skid plates to sunroof with technology. Most of this tech falls into two segments: stuff most people will use

The day the infotainment died

I wanted to review the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red sports coupe, in particular its technology, because Infiniti is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. This was my second test of the Q60; I&#82

Android Auto Starts The Engine For Developers

Google has begun letting third-party developers build apps for Android Auto, with the release of a new set of APIs for its in-car software platform. The initial set of APIs out the door support audio

QNX Locks Down Key Contract With Panasonic, Reminding Us That BlackBerry Still Has Some Shine For Buyers

QNX, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlackBerry, announced some news today that reminds us that parcelling the company out could be among BlackBerry's best options as it considers a sale and oth

Apple Exploring iPhone-Stored Car And Home Preference Profiles To Configure Seats, Climate And More

Apple is exploring more in-car abilities for its mobile devices, according to a new patent filing published by the USPTO today. The patent application describes a system where a user could store their

Harman And Mercedes Announce New Updatable Infotainment System

<img src="" />This week at the Geneva Auto Show, Harman and Mercedes finally released their long-aw

Saab To Power In-Car Infotainment With Google's Android (Video)

<img src="" />Looks like <a href="">Saab</a> is coming back; and now they are

Hands-On With The Cadillac CTS Infotainment System

Telescoping touch-screen with three-dimensional imaging of landmarks Cadillac’s 2008 CTS will have an all inclusive ‘infotainment’ system to meet all your in-car entertainment needs. Not only do