•'s Latest Offering

    I’ve gone back and forth on in the past (we also covered them here). They are a massively funded New York startup that launched an inferior news product late last year. Since then, they’ve made real efforts to shake things up. Their newest product, Inform Publisher Services, is aimed at big web publishers, and is designed to help them increase page views by adding… Read More

  • Re-Launches with Major Feature Changes, a recently launched news aggregator, is re-launching on Monday with a number of feature additions and enhancements. I am calling this a “re-launch” because the changes are significant and affect the core platform of the site. The most significant change is that Inform is no longer operating within a “pop-up”, a process that allowed them to use Ajax… Read More

  • A Second Look at

    We hammered on last week following their launch and a fluffy article in the New York Times.’s goal is to provide a useful news interface – both blog and non-blog – and to show the interconnectedness of all of the content. We had a number of concerns with the service. It’s a full page popup to ensure that they entirely control the user experience. Read More

  • Doesn't

    Launched: October 16, 2005
    Founder: Neal Goldman
    Employees: 55
    Location: New York launched today with a splashy New York Times article. Steve Rubel has some kind words. Rafat Ali isn’t so kind – he says “It fails miserably.” I agree. I honestly can’t figure out what it is, even after reading the Times fluff piece. They say its an… Read More