• Infoaxe’s Flipora Passes 8M Registered Users, Adds Discovery Engine

    Infoaxe’s Flipora Passes 8M Registered Users, Adds Discovery Engine

    A couple years ago, two Stanford grad students got together and created a personal search history plug-in and engine called Infoaxe that would surface better results based on your personal browsing history. Since then, they’ve rebranded as Flipora, passed 8 million registered users and they’re now adding another key piece to their product — a discovery engine that helps… Read More

  • InfoAxe Raises $3 Million For The Search Engine For Your Web History

    Contextual search startup InfoAxe has raised $3 million in Series A funding today from Stephen
    Oskoui, CEO of online advertising company Smiley Media. The startup had previously raised $900,000 in seed funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures, Band of Angels and Amidzad Partners. Gokul Rajaram, the “godfather of Google AdSense, has joined InfoAxe’s board. InfoAxe… Read More

  • Infoaxe Launches Real-Time Search Engine Based On Web History Platform

    There are a number of real-time search engines in the space, including Collecta and OneRiot. Today, at the Real-Time CrunchUp, Infoaxe debuts its real time search engine. What makes Infoaxe unique is that it doesn’t tap into streams from Twitter, Facebook, or Digg for content. Infoaxe’s search engine relies completely on attention data generated by the startup’s web… Read More

  • Infoaxe Records Your Browsing Sessions, Lets You Search Your Web History

    Infoaxe is coming out of stealth mode today with (yet another) alternative search engine / social bookmarking tool, focused on indexing your own browsing history rather than the entire web or what you proactively indicate is important to remember for later. Installing the infoaxe toolbar (works with IE and Firefox) basically enables users to ‘record’ public web browsing sessions… Read More