• Why angel money is better than institutional money Crunch Network

    Why angel money is better than institutional money

    Angel funding is only for the very early stages of the funding cycle, right? Wrong, according to Jessica Mah, founder and chief executive of inDinero. “By 2019, I will have raised $20m in angel funding,” she said. This presents the question, why should a startup choose angel money over institutional money? What are the benefits? Time: Have you ever tried to book a meeting with a VC? Read More

  • After Relaunching As A Full-Service Accounting Startup, inDinero Raises Another $7M

    After Relaunching As A Full-Service Accounting Startup, inDinero Raises Another $7M

    Hey, remember inDinero? We covered the Y Combinator-incubated company a couple times back in 2010, when it was trying to build a Mint-style service for small businesses and raised $1.2 million in seed funding. Well, co-founder and CEO Jessica Mah told me that in the years since, the company nearly ran out of money, laid off all its employees, and switched to a new model. But it seems to… Read More

  • inDinero Now Lets Small Businesses Track Their Financial Transactions And Receipts On One Platform

    inDinero Now Lets Small Businesses Track Their Financial Transactions And Receipts On One Platform

    How many 21-year-old serial entrepreneurs do you know? Probably not many, but now you’ll know one. Jess Mah launched her first startup at age 13, her second in high school, and is now working on her third, which just may be, as they say, the charm. For those unfamiliar, Mah’s third startup is called inDinero, which offers software to help small businesses track and manage their… Read More

  • Grovo: Video Training Platform Grabs Funding To Help Startups Educate Their Users

    Considering that the Web is changing and evolving every single day, the learning curve for newcomers — and even old-hands alike — can be steep. For those who are starting businesses and looking to learn more about how to use certain sites, products, or tools, the onramp can be difficult to find, not to mention maneuver. Back in October, a startup called Grovo launched with the goal… Read More

  • inDinero's Jessica Mah: This Is A 20-30 Year Company That We Want To Build (TCTV)

    At 20-years-old, Jessica Mah is already something of a budding serial entrepreneur. She launched her first startup at 13, graduated from high school at 15, debuted InternshipIN in 2008 and most recently founded inDinero, a financial management site that promises to be the Mint for small businesses. With that kind of resume, it’s no wonder that Mah has been seen as a teen to watch for… Read More

  • InDinero Closes $1.2 Million Seed Round: An Investor Roster

    inDinero, like a Mint for Quickbooks, finalized their highly sought after $1.2 million seed round this week. Shunning institutional financing, the small business banking startup was funded by a syndicate of twenty angel investors, including Intuit’s David Wu, Slide’s Keith Rabois, Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman, Microsoft’s Fritz Lanman, 500Startups’ Dave McClure… Read More

  • 20 Year Old Founder Jessica Mah Gets $1 Million Put Into Banking Startup InDinero

    We’ve confirmed that wunderkind Jessica Mah is one week away from closing a hotly anticipated round of seed financing for simple online finance management tool InDinero. Confirmed investors in the round (which still has three open spots reserved for valley VIPs like SV Angel) include 500 StartUps‘ Dave McClure, Microsoft’s Fritz Lanman, and YouTube’s Jawed Karim. Part… Read More

  • Indinero Launches As The For Small Businesses

    For many small business owners, managing financial health can be an overwhelming process. From credit cards to cash flow to saving, small businesses have many different fiscal elements to consider when monitoring finances. helped solved this problem for consumers. And today, Y Combinator-backed startup Indinero is launching its real-time financial dashboard that has a simple ambition… Read More