indie founder Bryce Roberts: Profitability is ‘more achievable than a Series A round’

"If you have to ask people for permission to exist, and the more you rely on those people for yourself to exist, the more risk and exposure you have.”

Weather Up’s app can give you forecasts for your calendar events

There are plenty of weather apps to choose from on the App Store, but the newly released Weather Up app is doing something different. Instead of just offering the daily weather, it will now offer Even

Google opens up registration for its first-ever indie games festival

Google is kicking off registration for its first-ever festival aimed at celebrating indie games on Android. The company is now taking sign-ups for those who want to attend the Google Play Indie Games

Contact Center Has Changed The Way I Use My iPhone

Contact Center acts like speed dial built for the way we communicate with others on smartphones today. You're given a set of customizable tiles that can be edited to show common functions, like callin

IndieGameStand Launches Online Store And Steam Competitor With Democratized Access For All Indie Devs

Buying indie games online can be a hit-or-miss experience, often involving some hunting, but IndieGameStand has just launched a new centralized online store where you should be able to access just abo

Indie Kindle author lands book deal

<img src="" />And you thought <a href="">self-