Indiana Jones

  • Blu-ray Indiana Jones collection coming soon?

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skill just dropped on Blu-ray and the special features showed clips of the first three films in HD. Could this mean that we will soon see the entire four film set on Blu-ray shortly? For the love of Pete, I sure hope so! The older flicks should feature quality pictures thanks to the era’s use of film that just so happens to transfer… Read More

  • Star Wars again. And again. And again…

    One good idea. That’s all it takes. One. And then you can milk it forever, diluting the original source material until it is just a pale puddle worthy of no attention at all. Star Wars is going 3-D. The original six episodes are getting yet another treatment as Jeffrey Katzenberg from DreamWorks Animations confirmed that George Lucas has the will and the way. Look for Lucasfilm to add to… Read More

  • Indiana Jones and the Rad Dork of Kirkland

    Look, I’m as excited to see the new Indiana Jones film as you are, maybe more so, as it’s my favorite series after the original Star Wars trilogy. And while it’s cool to have a hobby, sometimes you just take things too far.

    This local man, who works on Pokemon for a living, might have done just that with his Indiana Jones obsession. His wife wouldn’t let him name their… Read More

  • Merch: Indiana Jones projector looks about as exciting as the movie looks good

    That silly Indiana Jones movie comes out today, and there’s no shortage of merchandise (read: junk) on which you can waste your money. Case in point: a “Crystal Skull Adventure Projector,” which projects some two-bit slide show of “exciting archeological discoveries,” as narrated by Indy himself. I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie. Should this awesome… Read More

  • Indiana Jones, C-3PO, Clone Trooper get LEGOfied

    One of the other cool things we saw at the Toy Fair. [photopress:IMGP5643.JPG,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • Indiana Jones 4 trailer, now in Quicktime HD!

    [photopress:indiana_jones_4_photo1.jpg,full,center] Today is one of the best days I’ve ever had here at CrunchGear. So far I’ve written about a new Star Wars movie, the new Star Trek movie, and now I’m really, really happy to give you the new Indiana Jones movie’s teaser trailer in HD. That’s some sort of holy trinity, right there. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of… Read More

  • Indiana Jones trailer: Awesome Harrison Ford is still the man. ‘Nough said. Read More

  • Leaked LEGO sets for new Indiana Jones movie

    What can we learn about the plotline for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from the descriptions of LEGO playsets? Things. We can learn things. There will apparently be a scene involving giant ants, one or more sword fights, Soviets, an amphibious vehicle of some type, boats, a “jungle cutter” vehicle with spinning sawblades, a bazooka, and a long, lost temple. Read More