The Moto Mods ecosystem expands with a car dock and Mophie battery backup

At launch, the Moto Z was compatible with three different modular backings (four if you count the shell projector): a Motorola pico projector, a speaker from JBL and an Incipio battery pack. Shortly a

Incipio acquires Griffin, adding yet another accessory maker to its portfolio

Incipio just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Shortly after after announcing that it had acquired up budget headphone maker Skullcandy, the Irvine-based accessories conglomerate has picked up Griffin

Incipio Creates "Watch Adapter" For iPod Nano

Just in time for Yom Kippur you can rend your clothes and wail at the new Incipio watch adapter for the iPod Nano. You slap the Nano into a tiny case, attached it to a $9.99 nylon bracelet, and you&#8

CrunchDeals: 10% off Incipio iPhone cases

I had never heard of Incipio but they have quite a few cool-looking cases for the iPhone and a few other devices including the Curve 8900. They’re offering 10% for customers right now, so check

New iPhone 3G accessories

Here are two new cases available tomorrow for the launch. I think they’re both from Incipio.