Incident, Makers Of The gTar, Launch Sequence App So Anyone Can Make Music

Incident, the same folks that brought you the gTar, are today opening up the platform to a new group of users. Launching Sequence, the company wants to make it as easy as possible for total amateurs t

Disrupt Darlings GTar Talk About What Happens After You Succeed On Stage, Raise $350K, And Have To Ship Product

Last May, Incident Tech launched the gTar, a guitar with real strings that connected to a smartphone for some amazing sound processing. In the last few months, the founder, Idan Beck and his team have

Talking (And Rocking) With gTar Creator Incident

Sure, <a href="">UberConference took home the Disrupt Cup</a> and its accompanying $50,000 (giant) check. But it could

Incident’s gTar Tops $120,000 On Kickstarter (That’s $110K In Less Than 24 Hours)

Kickstarter is a great place to launch a product. Remember the Pebble smart watch, which saw over $1 million in funding in its first 28 hours on the site, and <a href="