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PagerDuty scoops up incident management startup

PagerDuty announced this afternoon that it intends to acquire, an early-stage incident management startup. The companies did not share the price. Jeli was founded in 2019 by Nora Jones, a chao

Incident response management platform Rootly secures $12M

Rootly, a startup developing a platform to help automate companies’ responses to incidents like website outages, today announced that it raised $12 million in a Series A funding round led by Ren keeps rolling with free Slack incident response bot and new investment

Just about every company is going to face a catastrophic incident at some point where a key part of the system goes down, and you need to know not only how to respond in the moment, but how you figure looks to beef up its Slack-based incident response platform with $28.7M in fresh cash

It’s co-founder and CEO Stephen Whitworth’s assertion that there’s fragmentation in the market for software incident management solutions. Customer success tools don’t

Shoreline scores $35M Series B to build automated incident response platform

Shoreline founder and CEO Anurag Gupta was in charge of infrastructure at AWS for eight years prior to launching his company. He was responsible for making sure there were systems in place to respond

Kintaba releases heat maps to show human side of incident response

Kintaba, a startup from a couple of Facebook site reliability veterans, is building a product to monitor incident response across the entire life cycle. Today the company released a new concept called

Fiberplane nabs €7.5M seed to bring Google Docs-like collaboration to incident response

Fiberplane, an Amsterdam-based early-stage startup that is building collaborative notebooks for SREs (site reliability engineers) to collaborate around an incident in a similar manner to group editing

Rootly nabs $3.2M seed to build SRE incident management solution inside Slack

As companies look for ways to respond to incidents in their complex microservices-driven software stacks, SREs — site reliability engineers — are left to deal with the issues involved in making ev announces $4M seed to build incident analysis platform

When one of AWS’s east coast data centers went down at the end of last month, it had an impact on countless companies relying on its services, including Roku, Adobe and Shipt. When the incident

Facebook Workplace co-founder launches downtime fire alarm Kintaba

“It’s an open secret that every company is on fire,” says Kintaba co-founder John Egan. “At any given moment something is going horribly wrong in a way that it has never gone wrong

Atlassian acquires OpsGenie, launches Jira Ops for managing incidents

Atlassian today announced the first beta of a new edition of its flagship Jira project and issue tracking tool that is meant to help ops teams handle incidents faster and more efficiently. Jira Ops in

Why incident response plans fail

Following a cyber attack on critical infrastructure, emotions run high and the clock starts ticking. Suddenly what appears to be a well-structured incident response plan on paper can turn into a confu