• InboxQ And New "Campaign Configurator" Move To The Web

    InboxQ, the browser extension that attempts to turn Twitter into Quora by letting big brands like @Gap search for user questions to engage with, is launching its web interface today for all those that are browser extension shy. Previously the service, which searches for Twitter users asking “real” questions and allows people and brands to answer them, was only available through… Read More

  • Look Out Quora, InboxQ Takes Q&A Off-Site And On To Twitter

    As becomes more difficult to find the answers you want on Google, using hashtags like #lazyweb to ask questions on Twitter has become some people’s recourse, to much success — Just try it. Realizing this, Y Combinator company Answerly is announcing a product revamp today, going from a run of the mill Q&A site to something much more interesting. Their new product,IinboxQ is a… Read More