Stoke Space has received repeated investments from the venture arm for the U.S. intelligence community

Stoke Space has received multiple investments from In-Q-Tel, the strategic investor for the U.S. intelligence and defense community, TechCrunch has learned. Stoke Space and In-Q-Tel have not publicly

When the government is the customer (some things to keep in mind)

Five years ago, Google backed away from a Pentagon government contract because thousands of employees protested that its tech might be used for lethal drone targeting. Today, however, Silicon Valley h

Satellite Vu prepares to launch its thermal imaging satellite constellation with $21M A round

Equipped with $21 million in new funding, Satellite Vu is almost set to send up its initial seven-satellite constellation in 2023 and begin its planned thermal monitoring of the planet. The company&#8

UK’s Mindtech raises $3.25M from In-Q-Tel, among others, to train CCTV cameras on synthetic humans

Imagine a world where no one’s privacy is breached, no faces are scanned into a gargantuan database and no privacy laws are broken. This is a world that is fast approaching. Could companies simp

Get fast money for your space startup at TC Sessions Space this December

One of the most challenging aspects of running your space startup is access to capital. At TC Sessions Space (December 16-17), we’re bringing together some of the top space funding programs to h

Anti-bot startup Kasada raises $7M in Series A from CIA’s venture fund In-Q-Tel

Kasada, an anti-bot startup we profiled earlier this year, has raised $7 million in its Series A with In-Q-Tel, the non-profit venture arm of the intelligence community, as the startup’s latest

Vannevar Labs comes out of stealth to bring best-in-class AI tech to national security agencies

Few organizations have the complex data and analytics problems that challenge the defense and intelligence communities every single day. Whether it is managing petabytes of text, audio, or video data,

Notes From Crazytown, Day Two: How To Fix Everything

Did you know the CIA has a venture fund? Of course the CIA has a venture fund. It’s called In-Q-Tel, and yesterday its Chief Information Security Officer, Dan Geer, a world-weary man with white Wolv

Expect Labs Lands In-Q-Tel Investment, Will Help U.S. Intelligence Integrate Its MindMeld Technology

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield alum Expect Labs has closed a strategic investment and software development agreement with In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence community.

Inside India’s Aadhar, The World’s Biggest Biometrics Database

India’s Unique Identification project, also known as Aadhar, earlier this week finished capturing demographic and biometric data of over half a billion residents–the largest biometric project

More CIA Money For NoSQL: In-Q-Tel Backs Cloudant

Today cloud-hosted database provider <a target="_blank" href="">Cloudant</a> announced it has received both a custom development agreement and an undisclosed investment from <a ta

MongoDB Maker 10Gen Closes Undisclosed Round From U.S. Intelligence Investors

<a target="_blank" href="">10gen</a>, the sponsor company of the open source NoSQL database <a target="_blank" href="">MongoDB</a>, today <a target="_blank" href="htt