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  • AT&T Plans To Expand Its 4G LTE Network To The Wild Blue Yonder With Inflight Connectivity

    AT&T Plans To Expand Its 4G LTE Network To The Wild Blue Yonder With Inflight Connectivity

    When I fly, I am afforded a few brief hours of sublime luxury when I’m not connected to the Internet – I live in Canada, you see, where in-flight Wi-Fi between our country and the U.S. still isn’t all that normal. But one day soon, you won’t be able to escape the web, even at 30,000 feet, no matter where you’re flying from or to, and AT&T’s newly… Read More

  • Gogo Inflight Is Actually Making Money

    According to a BusinessInsider interview, Gogo in-flight wireless is doing well and just raised another $35 million in capital to keep the lights on and the in-flight Wi-Fi flowing. Aircell, Gogo’s parent company, says that the service served 3 million sessions between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Google offered free Gogo on all flights during this period. Read More

  • In-flight calling is a go, oh noes!

    JetBlue loosed the first domestic in-flight Wi-Fi service just the other week, but how about in-flight calling? It’s bad enough when there are crying babies, loud snoring, talkers who lack inside voices and the engine noise itself. It just got worse, folks. In-flight calling is upon us. It’s far from coming to the States, but you should still be aware of this. Air France and OnAir… Read More

  • Free in-flight Wi-Fi on JetBlue with a catch, of course

    This isn’t exactly what we expected in terms of in-flight Wi-Fi, but beggars can’t be choosers and something is better than nothing. JetBlue, Yahoo! and RIM have announced free in-flight Wi-Fi services starting on the 11th of this month. But there’s a catch as there always is. The service is limited to Yahoo! Mail, Messenger and Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerries will have access… Read More

  • AA Picks AirCell For In-flight Wi-Fi

    In-flight Wi-Fi seems to be all the rage these days. Lufthansa is bringing sexy back Wi-Fi back and Qantas is joining the fray, but when will domestic airlines quit quibbling about giving us food and blankets to realize there’s money to be made in Wi-Fi? Huzzah! American Airlines has pulled their head out and teamed up with AirCell to bring Wi-Fi to passengers next year. Read More

  • Lufthansa Bringing Back Wi-Fi In 2008

    German airline Lufthansa is making a concerted effort to resurrect the Connexion service that Boeing killed off last year. Connexion was a Wi-Fi service available on 60 of 80 long-haul planes to business class passengers. If you’re unfamiliar with Connexion then I don’t blame you because it never took off stateside and was widely available in Europe and Asia and select flights to… Read More

  • Qantas OKs In-Flight Texting

    Qantas, the official airline of Australia, has announced they will begin a three month public trial on one of Boeing 767s in the fleet for domestic flights. Emirates and Ryanair have also announced intentions to have such trials. Unfortunately, the US won’t be experiencing such trials anytime soon. I, for one, am happy about that. I hate people who talk very LOUD on the bus, and… Read More