in-flight calls

  • Australia may be allowing mobile phone use on planes soon

    Pending the passage of this amendment, you may be able to use that celly at 30,000ft if you’re flying Down Under. The pico cell technology has been in testing for 18 months and there have been no complaints by the airborne or landside portions of the system, so there aren’t any technical barriers. The plan is to only allow SMS and GPRS, which is awesome and neatly wraps up the… Read More

  • EU green lights in-flight mobile phone use

    Someone pinch me and tell me this isn’t happening. The European Commission announced today that mobile phone use over European skies has been given the go ahead. An onboard network that’s connected to a ground network is being deployed that will allow travelers to babble on and message at their leisure. Pricing hasn’t been announced but many suspect that providers will… Read More