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Apple Exploring Earbud Tech That Can Compensate For Specific Fit In Each User’s Ear

The USPTO is big on Apple patents this morning, with a new application published around earbud technology. Apple's own earbud designs have been mostly underwhelming, even if the last change for the st

Apple now shipping in-ear heaphones

Can you believe that Apple announced its near-audiophile grade in-ear headphones way back on September 9th, 2008 and they are just now shipping to customers? Crazy. A refresher is probably appropri

Monster going audiophile, intros the Turbine in-ear speakers

It’s become apparent that Monster is getting into the high-end audiophile game with the launch of the Beats earlier in the year and now the in-ear Turbine ‘speakers’. I’ve only had an hour or

JVC launches new in-ear headphones

JVC just announced a pair of $80 headphones, the HA-SX500. They use the companies Bi-METAL technology and have a 16mm driver unit or more sensitivity. They should be available in April.

Holy Headphones, Philips!

Product Name: Philips SHB9000, SHE9800/9850, SHE3620/3621/3622 Description: Philips shot a hot load of headphones all over music lovers at CES. The SHB9000 is a set of full-size Bluetooth headphones y

Bose In-ear Headphones Hands On

Let’s make this perfectly clear right from the beginning: Bose’s new $99 in-ear headphones do not cancel noise nor do they isolate your ears from the sounds of the outside world. They&#821