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General Motors and AT&T will offer 5G connectivity in certain vehicles from model year 2024

General Motors and AT&T will be rolling out 5G connectivity in select Chevy, Cadillac and GMC vehicles from model year 2024, in a boost that the two companies say will bring more reliable software

Nokia Kicks Its Auto Ambitions Into High Gear With Connected Driving, A Cross-Platform Suite Of In-Car Navigation Services and Smartphone Apps

While <a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> continues to work on clawing back some of the once-market-leading smartphone business it has <a href="

BlackBerry’s QNX Inks Deal With 7digital For In-Car Music Service, Gears Up For Automotive Rivalry With Apple

<a target="_blank" href="">BlackBerry</a> has been hit hard by Apple and Android in the enterprise smartphone market, and now it's making some moves to make sure that it doesn

Computers on wheels: Microsoft Auto

These days, new cars have a truly new feature, which those in the industry call telematics. You and I would probably call it an in-dash computer, but what do we know? Right now Microsoft has Sync in F