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Amazon begins offering refunds for unauthorized in-app purchases

Were you one of the many parents surprised to find hundreds of dollars' worth of Smurfberries charged to your card a few years back? Amazon's lax in-app purchasing requirements let kids all over the c

There Is Real Fraud In The Underground Market For In-Game Virtual Goods

The recent announcement from Activision Blizzard to acquire King Digital Entertainment, maker of the hit game Candy Crush, for a staggering $5.9 billion is an acknowledgement of the promising (and pro

Apple Settles With FTC Over App Store In-App Purchases To Avoid “Distracting” Legal Fight

Apple has settled with the FTC over concerns about its in-app purchase system in iOS applications, according to a letter from Tim Cook to employees obtained by 9to5Mac. The FTC announced earlier that

Apple Adds In-App Purchase Notice To Free Apps With Paid Upgrades, Could Curb Accidental Spending

Apple has made a tweak to the way it shows that free apps that have in-app purchases, the Guardian noted today. The new notice appears under the price bar and the app icon in app listings on iTunes on