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Google, Apple face fines in South Korea for breaching in-app billing rules

South Korea’s telecommunication regulator, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), said Friday that it plans to levy fines on Google and Apple, which could total up to $50.5 million, for violatin

Kakao says emoji subscription purchases fell by a third due to Google’s new in-app policy

The number of emoji subscription purchases on the South Korean messaging app KakaoTalk has dropped by a third over the year, parent firm Kakao said in quarterly earnings call Thursday. It blamed Googl

Kakao confirms it is removing its external payment option after standoff with Google 

South Korean messaging giant Kakao confirmed today it will remove an external payment option after Google blocked the South Korean company behind KakaoTalk from issuing updates.  Kakao continued usin

Apple’s payment options offer for Dutch dating apps is compliant, says ACM

The Netherlands’ competition regulator is finally happy with concessions by Apple to allow dating apps in the market to use alternative payment technologies. On Saturday the Authority for Consum

Apple fined again over Dutch dating app payments order

The bill for Apple’s antitrust stand off in the Netherlands over dating apps’ payment methods has ticked up by another €5 million — and now stands at €15M, the Authority for Cons

After Dutch antitrust order, Apple starts letting local dating apps use alternative payment options

Another regulatory brick in the wall for Apple: The iPhone maker agreed this weekend to changes to its App Store in the Netherlands focused on dating apps, agreeing to allow local developers of dating

Final vote delayed for Korea’s plan to ban Google and Apple in-app payment rules

As Apple and Google continue to face increasing scrutiny over the rules they set for how third-party apps in their app stores charge for services, a significant development in that story is going down

Square launches its in-app payments SDK

Square today announced the launch of its in-app payments SDK that allows developers to build Square-powered payments right into their mobile apps. While Square remains best known for its offline payme

Google Adds In-App Purchases To Chrome Build, Pretty Soon The Web Could Be Mostly Freemium, Too

Chrome is a platform unto itself, and Google likes to push it forward to make it an ever-more powerful one, too. Next up for the browser and the desktop OS which is built upon it seems to be in-app pa

Mobile Payments Startup ZooZ Debuts In-Ad Payments (Yes, “Ad” Not “App”)

Fresh off its $2 million in Series A funding, in-app mobile payments platform ZooZ is announcing a new product today: in-ad payments. Yes, that’s right, “ad” not “app.”

Messaging App Line’s Virtual Currency For Sticker Gifting Falls Foul Of Apple’s App Store Rules

Messaging app Line, which recently announced it has passed 150 million users, has withdrawn a function from its iOS app that allowed users to gift paid-for stickers to each other by paying for them wi

Mobile Games May Be Taking Off, But How Are Their Creators Going To Make Money? [Infographic]

Mobile gaming is big and getting bigger. You've heard it once, you've heard it one thousand times. <a href="">Japan's mobile, social gaming giants are