The year in analytics

Well, 2016 is officially in the past. Between the election drama, the stock markets tossing and turning, celebrities moving on and Harambe, it was a doozy.

Qualcomm Quietly Acquires AI-Based Image Recognition Startup Euvision

Another acquisition in the area of image recognition technology, and another exit for a European startup to a U.S. giant. Qualcomm has acquired Euvision Technologies, a specialist in image recognition

Neat Photo-Sorting App, Impala, Lands On Android To Herd More Cat Pictures

Be careful of Impala, the helpful, AI-powered photo-sorting app which has just landed on Android. You might not like what it reveals about your life after it's sifted through your personal photo stack

Impala: Another Google Inspired Platform Enters The Mainstream Data World

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