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Uber apologizes for “confusion” at JFK during immigration protest

Uber has apologized today for promoting surge pricing to and from JFK during yesterday’s protest and taxi strike. After the enactment of an executive order barring refugees and visa holders fr

Build bridges instead of walls

We are a nation of immigrants, and we must not forget that is a key reason this country has been so successful. The Immigration Act of 1965, which re-oriented U.S. immigration policy to focus on reuni

Elon Musk seeks “specific amendments” to recommend to Trump on immigration order

Elon Musk is asking for people to recommend “specific amendments” Trump and the White House should make to the executive order issues on Friday regarding immigration and barring entry for

Uber to create $3M legal defense fund for drivers affected by “wrong and unjust” ban

Uber says it will create $3 million defense fund to help cover legal, immigration and translation costs for drivers affected by Trump’s immigration and travel ban, which Uber CEO and founder Tra

Airbnb offers free housing to people stranded by immigration order

In the midst of chaos caused by President Donald Trump’s executive order, which stranded refugees, students and green card holders in American airports, Airbnb is offering housing to those aff

Resistance and reluctance

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Lyft donates $1M to the ACLU, condemns Trump’s immigration actions

Ride hailing provider Lyft has taken a strong stance against Trump’s new immigration actions and ban on Muslim refugees (which Rudy Giuliani admitted is exactly what it was intended to be on Fox

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees about the immigration ban

While Tim Cook has yet to publicly address the immigration ban that's beginning to rile a restive tech industry into speaking out against newly elected President Donald J. Trump, he did send an email

Uber CEO offers compensation for drivers impacted by immigration ban, will talk to Trump

Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick added his voice today to a growing chorus of tech executives troubled by President Donald Trump’s recent immigration order banning the entry of US residents 

Top Microsoft execs weigh in on Trump’s immigration ban

Slowly but surely, the tech world is reacting to a sweeping executive order signed by Trump on Friday that closes the United States’ borders to refugees and citizens from a number of countries. Some

Delete your account

We love to Tweet. We love to share. It appears to be a strategy for change but it isn’t. And we have to accept that. These are strange times. We are able to reach millions with a single Medium p

Tech reacts to Trump’s immigration ban

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that temporarily halted the admission of refugees, indefinitely banned the admission of refugees from Syria, and stopped citizens of several

Google CEO Sundar Pichai fears impact of Trump immigration order, recalls staff

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has outlined his disapproval of the impact arising from Trump’s dangerous, inhumane and short-sighted sweeping immigration order, which imposes for at least 90 days a bl