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Netflix’s Hastings: Trump’s immigration ban is ‘anti-American’

Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings doubled down on statement's he's made about Trump's immigration policy when he took the stage at Code Con on Wednesday.

A call to action for tech

Tech is uniting against Trump. From 127 tech firms teaming up against Trump’s immigration ban, to Google employees’ massive walkout in response to the immigration ban, to Lyft’s $3 million donat

162 tech companies file brief against the latest immigration executive order

Silicon Valley and the tech community at large has been a staunch opponent of Trump's immigration policies, from the "Muslim Ban" executive orders to H-1B restrictions. Today sees 162 companies bandin

Elon Musk posts, then deletes, tweets calling Trump’s immigration ban “not right”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed President Trump’s immigration ban on Muslim majority nations directly via Twitter on Wednesday, saying that the order is “not right” and refers to it a

Tech workers demonstrate in downtown San Francisco against Trump’s immigration plans

There was a palpable energy in downtown San Francisco today as hundreds of tech workers from LinkedIn, Cisco, Apple and other tech companies came together to talk about the plight of the American immi

Passwords for social media accounts could be required for some to enter country

A password may soon be required to enter the country — the applicant's Facebook password, that is. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggested the measure to the House Homeland Security Committ

Zendesk, Tesla and Adobe join amicus brief opposing Trump’s immigration order

Nearly 100 companies filed an amicus brief on February 5 stating their opposition to President Trump’s immigration ban. Zendesk intends to join those companies in a court filing this afternoo

Elon Musk says he’ll present objections to Trump’s immigration order at Friday advisory council meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a statement about his participation in Donald Trump’s economic advisory council, and a scheduled meeting of the group tomorrow. Musk said that he and others on the cou

Peter Thiel won’t be involved in YC’s work with the ACLU

Y Combinator’s recent mashup with the American Civil Liberties Union has raised some questions and concerns. The main concerns are around how YC and Silicon Valley influences will mix with the ACLU

Microsoft asks for exemptions to Trump’s immigration order for visa holders

Sheryl Sandberg addresses her silence around the Women’s March, politics and Trump

Sheryl Sandberg has been in the news lately for her opposition to the global gag rule and her more recent comments on Trump’s highly controversial and discriminatory immigration ban. Today at t

Sheryl Sandberg joins the immigration ban statement canoe

Several tech leaders spoke out against President Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries over the weekend. Today, Sheryl Sandberg leaned into that now rat

Silicon Valley is making plans to move foreign-born workers to Canada

For many U.S. startups and their foreign-born employees, a kind of back-up plan may be starting to sound like a good idea right about now. Yesterday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed

NVCA chair on immigration orders: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”

Venky Ganesan, managing director of $4.4 billion venture capital firm Menlo Ventures and current chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, is walking a political tightrope and trying not

Google employees rally against Trump’s immigration ban

Over 2,000 Google employees rallied against President Donald Trump’s executive order that bans immigration from seven majority Muslim countries today. Googlers all over the country, including a

Trump’s immigration order sends ripples of dismay through UK tech community

Reactions to President Trump's executive order placing a three-month ban on entry to the U.S. from seven majority Muslim countries have been rippling out across the Atlantic over the past 48 hours --

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says Trump’s immigration order “is one we do not support”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has come out strongly against the executive order issued by Donald Trump regarding immigration and blocking certain refugees from entering the U.S. Amazon had previously expresse

New York’s tech community pens letter condemning Trump’s immigration ban

Non-profit technology policy organization Tech:NYC has joined a rising chorus of companies responding to Friday’s sweeping immigration ban, penning a letter condemning President Trump’s actions.

Google is pledging $4M to support U.S. immigration organizations

Google has created its largest humanitarian fund to date in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The search giant’s newest ‘crisis campaign’ is $4 m

Some tech executives are matching ACLU donations amid immigration ban protests

Tech executives are offering to match donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) following the enactment of an executive order banning entry to refugees and visa holders from seven countri
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