• No, The New Gmail API Is Not Killing IMAP

    No, The New Gmail API Is Not Killing IMAP

    Yesterday, at Google’s I/O developer conference, the company announced a new way for developers to build apps that integrate with Gmail, via its brand-new Gmail API. Designed to allow programmatic access to messages, threads, labels and drafts, the API was initially misunderstood by some as Google’s attempt to “kill off IMAP,” an older email protocol that offers… Read More

  • Google patches Windows Mobile flaw for gMail users

    [photopress:GmailMobile1.jpg,full,right]Use gMail on Windows Mobile? Tired of getting those annoying blank messages with IMAP? Goog’s got a fix for ya, and all you have to do is nothing. Problem solved, back to your business. Google fixes gMail problem [NeoWin] Read More