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Kenya’s Tawi takes on auditory processing disorder to win Microsoft Imagine Cup

Microsoft’s student tech-for-good competition, the Imagine Cup, has crowned this year’s winner: Tawi, a team from Kenya that applied machine learning tools to help kids with auditory proce

Robotic rehabilitation glove wins Microsoft’s 20th Imagine Cup for student inventors

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is something I look forward to every year. The students and young entrepreneurs who submit their extremely early-stage projects to this global competition are like the se

Non-invasive glucose monitor EasyGlucose takes home Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and $100K

Microsoft's yearly Imagine Cup student startup competition crowned its latest winner today: EasyGlucose, a non-invasive, smartphone-based method for diabetics to test their blood glucose. It and the t

SmartArm’s AI-powered prosthesis takes the prize at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

A pair of Canadian students making a simple, inexpensive prosthetic arm have taken home the grand prize at Microsoft's Imagine Cup, a global startup competition the company holds yearly. SmartArm will

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup crowns its 15th winner, the X.GLU smart glucose meter for kids

Microsoft's annual Imagine Cup, a global competition of high-tech student projects, reached its culmination this week accompanied by the usual pomp at the company's headquarters in Redmond. The winner

John Boyega talks about tech, cyberbullying, and catching a Pikachu on the set of Star Wars

After the conclusion of Microsoft's Imagine Cup, I got a chance to talk to John Boyega, of Star Wars and Attack the Block fame — and erstwhile competition judge. We chatted about his relationship wi

Microsoft awards hardware startup ENTy the 2016 Imagine Cup

The festivities have wrapped for Microsoft's Imagine Cup, a global competition among students and young people to create new software and devices. The winner this year was ENTy, a polished and highly

Microsoft Announces This Year’s Imagine Cup Finalists, With Satya Nadella As VIP Judge

For the last 11 years, Microsoft has been running its worldwide Imagine Cup student software competition, and every year, it invites the best teams to the world finals. Last year's event was in St. Pe

Microsoft Revamps Imagine Cup, Adds Worldwide Semifinals And New Challenges

Microsoft's <a target="_blank" href="">Imagine Cup</a> is one of the world's largest software development competitions aimed at students. Since its launch 11 years ago, more

Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist Steven Guggenheimer On Touch, The Desktop And The Future Of Imagine Cup

The desktop’s future isn’t bright, but it isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist Steven Guggenheimer told me last week during a brief interview in S

Student Teams From The UK, Portugal And Austria Win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2013 And $50K Each

Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2013 student technology competition in St. Petersburg Russia just ended with a high-energy awards gala hosted by Dr. Who's Matt Smith. This year, Microsoft awarded three main p

Beezinga Brings Data Analytics To The Apiary

Beekeeping isn't exactly something you read about a lot in the tech press, but it's a big business with about $268.9 million in revenue in the U.S. alone, and technology is slowly <a target="_blank" h

Hateya Uses Augmented Reality Glasses To Help Firefighters Escape Burning Buildings

Firefighters are trained to go into burning buildings, but even with all of this training, they can get disoriented in the pandemonium around them. <a target="_blank" href="">Hate

Microsoft’s 11th Imagine Cup Student Software Competition Kicks Off In Russia With More Than $1M In Prizes On The Line

Every year for the last 11 years, Microsoft has organized Imagine Cup, one of the world's largest technology competitions for students. This year, more than 25,000 students participated in the prelimi

Help Me Help Uses Crowdsourcing To Make Disaster Response More Efficient

Help Me Help wants to make it easier for emergency responders to get a full picture of a situation after a disaster happens. The service combines crowdsourcing, a smartphone app and web service that a

Microsoft Awards Imagine Cup Grants To 5 Innovative Student Developer Teams

Every year, Microsoft hosts the Imagine Cup, one of the world's most influential student development competitions. The company pits developer teams from around the world against each other in a Disrup

Microsoft Opens Registration For Imagine Cup 2013, Doubles Prize Money to $300K

Microsoft has organized its <a target="_blank" href="">Imagine Cup</a> student technology competition for the last 10 years and today, the company <a target="_blank" href="ht

Ukrainian Students Win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup With Their Sign Language-To-Speech Translation Gloves

During an awards ceremony in Sydney today, Ukraine's team quadSquad won this year's <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft Imagine Cup</a> student technology competition thanks

Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech

There is no dearth of impressive student projects here at the finals of Microsoft's Imagine Cup in Sydney, but one of the six finalists that caught my attention was a project called <a target="_blank"

StethoCloud: Australian College Students Build A Digital Stethoscope And Mobile App To Fight Childhood Pneumonia

The finals of Microsoft' Imagine Cup, the world's largest student technology competition, are taking place in Sydney this week and StethoCloud, the <a target="_blank" href="http://themelbourneengineer
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