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Sony shows off first combination image sensor and AI chip

Sony has developed an interesting new hybrid technology: An image sensor with AI processing system built into the hardware, making it a single integrated system. The benefits and applications for this

MultiVu raises $7M seed round for its next-gen 3D sensor

MultiVu, a Tel Aviv-based startup that is developing a new 3D imaging solution that only relies on a single sensor and some deep learning smarts, today announced that it has raised a $7 million seed r

Apple has acquired imaging sensor startup InVisage Technologies

As Apple continues to work on ever-smaller but more powerful computing devices, it has acquired a startup focusing on nanotechnology, and specifically as it relates to image sensors. TechCrunch has le

NEC's New Face Recognition System Is 100 Times Smaller Than Existing Ones

<img src="" /> Face recognition technology that can be used to identify a given person's age and gender isn't exactly new. But NEC ha

Sony Plans To Invest $1.2 Billion In Image Sensor Production

<img src="" /> Sony is making a big bet on smartphones and digital cameras: the company yesterday confirmed earlier <a href="h