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Google Image Search gets more like Pinterest by connecting you to recipes, products and more

A day after Pinterest rolled out an update that put its visual search feature in the front-and-center of its app, Google announced it, too, is giving its visual search engine an upgrade. The company

Ebay to launch visual search tools for finding products using photos from your phone or web

Ebay this morning announced its plans to introduce new image search capabilities that will allow the company to better compete with the likes of Pinterest, Google and Amazon, all of which already supp

Google buys French image recognition startup Moodstocks

Two weeks after Twitter acquired Magic Pony to advance its machine learning smarts for improving users’ experience of photos and videos on its platform, Google is following suit. Today, the mak

Twitter Acquires Image Search Startup Madbits

Twitter has acquired image search startup Madbits for an undisclosed amount. The purchase makes sense because the social networking site has been focused on building out its image features.

Visual Search App CamFind Passes 1M Downloads, Makes Its API Public

CamFind, the visual search app that wants to be a faster and more accurate alternative to Google Goggles, recently hit two milestones. Its iOS app just crossed a total of one million downloads (an And

Cooliris Continues Push Into China and Russia, Shaking Hands With Tencent and Yandex

Photo-sharing startup Cooliris is continuing its push into two of the world’s biggest Internet markets, China and Russia. The Kleiner Perkins-backed company has just partnered with Tencent in C

Google Commemorates The 37th Anniversary Of Atari’s Breakout With Image Search Easter Egg

If you're an old-school gaming nerd, then you might remember a little game released by Atari called Breakout. The idea was simple, just hit a ball around and break things. Don't let the ball get past

Bing Integrates Pinterest Sharing Into Its Image Search

Bing users can now easily share the images they find with their friends on Pinterest. Starting today, Bing’s image search will feature the standard Pinterest ‘Pinit’ button on every

Google Makes Animated Gifs A Permanent Part Of Image Search, Find Falling Cats Easier

There are few people on the Internet who don’t enjoy a great animated gif. For some, having conversations only using these animated images is a way of life. But finding these images is a whole o

Bing Updates Its Image Search Results With Enhanced Photo Viewer, Speed Improvements

Microsoft updated Bing's <a target="_blank" href="">im

Bing Rolls Out New Image Search With Better Search Suggestions, Filters And Bigger Thumbnails

Just a few weeks after completely <a href="">redesigning its regul

Google Cleans Up Image Search With Better Sorting By Subject

<img src=""> If you've ever done an <a href="">image search</a> on Google, you've probably gotten ba