• Latest Rumor Pegs Retina iMac For An October Release

    Latest Rumor Pegs Retina iMac For An October Release

    Grab your salt shakers, friends. The always vocal trade publication, DigiTimes, is reporting that Apple is preparing for an October release of a retina-equipped iMac following a spec bump this July. This conflicts with previous reports citing Apple executives saying redesigned iMacs would hit next year. It’s entirely possible that Apple will stuff a Retina display within the current… Read More

  • ProView Is Suing Apple Over The Rights To An iMac Clone

    ProView Is Suing Apple Over The Rights To An iMac Clone

    Patent trolls – mere shells of companies that go after potential infringements in order to rack up some hefty legal fees and maybe a settlement or two – don’t have an institutional memory. Take the great iPad in China debacle. What you see above is ProView’s “iPad.” The eagle-eyed among you will note that is bears more than a passing resemblance to the old… Read More

  • Apple Will Sell A Sub $1,000 iMac For Education

    Apple Will Sell A Sub $1,000 iMac For Education

    Apple and education have always gone hand in hand, from the first Apple IIs gracing libraries across the nation to the countless aging machines now in place at schools everywhere. Now, however, a new version of the iMac (not shown here) may allow schools to upgrade on the cheap. Read More

  • Latest Apple Rumor Puts Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt Mac Pro, Mac Mini Launching Late July Or Early August

    Don’t tell the kids this, but it’s almost back to school time and Apple is reportedly gearing up for a major push this August. Apperently several large hardware refreshes are on tap with both the Mac Pro and Mac mini set to get new innards. It’s about time, too. The iMac got in on the Intel Sandy Bridge party just last month with the top of the line model now packing more… Read More

  • The iMac Slipper Is A Leather Slipper For Your iMac

    Sometimes my iMac gets a little chilly and I like to cover its toes with a blanket. But, thankfully, there is now something called an iMac slipper that allows you to protect your iMac’s feet with a little leather bootie. It costs $35 and most of your dignity, but by all means, pick it up for yourself. Read More

  • iFixit Tears Apart The New iMacs, Warns Of Deadly Thunderbolts (Not Really)

    The best part of the iFixit teardowns — besides the gadget pr0n — are the notes found on the last step. iFixit grades the given product in terms of its repairability and then comments on the highlights. The new iMac scored 7 out of 10 where 10 is the easiest to repair. iFixit notes that while it’s relatively easy to disassemble the iMac, “Making the LCD and glass… Read More

  • With Big Graphics, HD Cameras, And Triple Monitor Support, iMacs Are More Pro-Like

    With Big Graphics, HD Cameras, And Triple Monitor Support, iMacs Are More Pro-Like

    For the past six years or so, my main desktop machine has been a string of iMacs. As an all-in-one machine, they’re both great to look at and simple to set up and use. But the power user side of me was always left a bit wanting. And it sounds like the iMac upgrades Apple has just unveiled this morning may fix that. First of all, they’ve solved perhaps my single biggest complaint… Read More

  • "Constrained" iMac Supplies Point To Imminent Refresh

    Although the last iMac refresh took place in July, we heard rumors a little while back that new ones would be arriving early this year. And with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt, the expected improvements, ready to go, it seems like the new iMacs could drop any time. And what’s this? 9 to 5 Mac hears whispers that supplies of current iMacs are running low. You know what that means. Expect… Read More

  • OWC Will Cut A Hole In Your iMac For $169 (And Add An eSATA Port)

    It’s a fact that Apple hates connectivity standards. Well, maybe not a fact, but a common thought and so OWC has came up with a relativity inexpensive option to fix Apple’s latest puzzling design flaw. For only $169, which doesn’t include shipping, the company will cut a small hole in the bottom grill and install the missing eSATA port. The only little issue is that said… Read More

  • The Apple iMac and Mac Pro get CPU, GPU bumps in latest refresh

    Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. It seemed like each day there was another random source or sign that Apple was preparing to update the iMac and Mac Pro. Well, most of the rumors were right. The changes aren’t really all that special and simply evolutionary in nature. Still, we’re not one to turn away new components. Read More

  • Will Apple launch new Mac Pros, iMacs, and the Magic Trackpad tomorrow?

    The Internet has been quietly turning out Apple rumors over the last few weeks. Something about new Mac Pros here and new iMacs there and a multi-touch desktop trackpad thingie. It might all come to the surface tomorrow if John Gruber of the Internet is believed. Read More

  • All-in-one computer sales up 63 percent (but Apple losing out)

    Seems people really like those all-in-one PCs √† la the iMac. Sales this year are expected to grow some 63 percent from last year, to 11.5 million units worldwide. And while that’s good news for computer makers overall, there are winners and losers in the data. The big surprising loser? Yup, Apple. Read More

  • iOS to make its desktop debut with next iMac revision?

    IOS on the next iMac? That’s the rumor going around this morning. The deal is that Apple wants to bring touch controls to its desktop offerings, and will use the next iMac revision to test the waters a bit. So, you’ll have your standard Mac OS X installation, but then when you activate “touch screen mode,” you’ll switch over to iOS. Read More

  • A one stop shop for all your MBP lid and iMac chin decal needs

    Got a MacBook Pro or iMac that needs a little customizing? Head over to this Etsy store for a bunch of lid and chin graphics. We’ve seen a few of these over the years, but there are a bunch that are at least brand new to me, including a Goatse decal that’s not library appropriate and a Scarface-themed decal that will make all your bros jealous. Read More

  • Apple Issues (Another) 27-Inch iMac Screen Fix

    As you may have heard by now, many of Apple’s new 27-inch iMacs are more like iLemons. While the systems themselves are fine (and fast) there have been a ton of reports about problems with the screens (including mine and at least one other TechCrunch writer). Apple issued an update on December 21 that did not fix the problem for most of those users. Today, they have issued another… Read More

  • A Quick And Dirty Fix For The 27-inch iMac Screen Problem

    When we last wrote about the problems with the new 27-inch iMac’s screen a few weeks ago, there were over 1,600 replies on Apple’s support board about the issue. That’s 110 pages of replies. And the thread had been viewed some 260,000 times — much, much more than any other thread. I’m fairly certain more than all of the other ones combined, actually. Those… Read More

  • Introducing… The 27-inch iLemon

    Regular readers will know my affinity for Apple products. In general, they’re high quality, and I’m willing to pay a bit more for that. But a lemon is a lemon, regardless of who it’s made by, and must be labeled as such.¬†These new 27-inch iMacs? Lemons. In case you haven’t heard yet, the screens on these massive things are failing left and right. Granted, not all of… Read More

  • Apple Not Liable For Plagued iMac Screens, Updates Firmware Anyway

    Apple just dodged a bullet. A New York federal judge dismissed a potential class action lawsuit which alleged that Apple propagated their popular iMac screens without disclosing certain manufacturing defects to its customers, saying that the allegations were too general to be considered. The lawsuit stated that unwanted vertical lines would appear on the devices after the warranty period… Read More

  • 27-inch iMacs sucking wind, orders backing up

    The 27-inch iMac, darling of all and sundry, are having some shipping issues. Orders are currently backed up two weeks and the litany of problems, including broken displays and busted hard drives, shows us that this model wasn’t quite fully baked. Read More

  • Dear FDA, Gimme My iMac

    Today was supposed to be a joyous day in my apartment. As of yesterday, my new Apple iMac was to be delivered at some point this afternoon. But alas, it was not to be. But the reason why is a truly great WTF moment. Apparently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has to approve its delivery to me. Well, to be more specific, either the FDA or the Department of AG/PPQ has to approve it… Read More

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