• Ikea’s smart light bulbs will work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant

    Ikea’s smart light bulbs will work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant

    Ikea’s smart light bulbs will answer to voice commands starting this summer. The company announced in a Swedish-language press release that its smart lighting product line, called Trådfri, will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri and HomeKit. Read More

  • MIT built a self-assembling cell phone

    MIT built a self-assembling cell phone

    Researchers at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab have stepped up their game from an Ikea-like chair that can put itself together: the team built a working cell phone that’s self-building, Fast Company reports, using a basic DIY cell phone design create by MIT professor David Mellis as a model. How can a phone put itself together? The key is actually simplicity – there are six parts… Read More

  • Experiences generate clicks, not ads Crunch Network

    Experiences generate clicks, not ads

    Ads don’t work so well anymore. To begin with, there are just too many of them. In a time when consumers are inundated with ads from every corner of their screens (and lives), brands and startups are finding it insanely difficult to stand out from the crowd. The average consumer has slowly become immune to online advertising and marketing. Read More

  • IKEA ponders the future of retail with virtual reality pilot app

    IKEA ponders the future of retail with virtual reality pilot app

    IKEA is coming to VR, but it’s sadly leaving the Swedish meatballs behind in regular reality. The cheapo furniture company unexpectedly announced this morning that they were releasing a pilot experience for the HTC Vive on the SteamVR store. Gameplay in the app is limited to wandering a kitchen and changing the color of the cabinets so it’s not exactly earth-shattering, but… Read More

  • Ikea Does Emoji

    Ikea Does Emoji

    Few things in life are certain. Death and taxes make two. Other contenders for immoveable universal principles might include the inevitability that any Ikea flat-pack furniture you buy will be revealed to be missing a crucial piece/contain a large, unsightly crack once you’ve hauled it home, spent your Sunday clearing the spare room to accommodate it and unboxed 90% of the pieces. Read More

  • Gifting Startup Jifiti Adds Another $1 Million, Launches White-Labeled Registry App For IKEA Portland

    Gifting Startup Jifiti Adds Another $1 Million, Launches White-Labeled Registry App For IKEA Portland

    Gifting startup Jifiti, which is attempting to merge the concept of thoughtful shopping involving carefully selected items with the convenience of a gift card, has added another $1 million to an earlier round announced this summer, the company is announcing today. The news comes as Jifiti launches its first white-labeled application, powering a gift registry for IKEA Portland. To date… Read More

  • Ikea’s Upcoming Uppleva HDTV System Further Detailed

    Ikea’s Upcoming Uppleva HDTV System Further Detailed

    Taking the term home theater in a box to a new level, Ikea made waves a few weeks back when it announced plans to start selling a self-branded HDTV and home theater system with a starting price under $1000. However, the company didn’t out all the tantalizing details at the time. Gigaom managed to get a bit more info on the system including the type of apps included on the rather… Read More

  • Watch Out, Best Buy, Ikea Will Soon Sell Their Own HDTV System And It’s Awesome

    Watch Out, Best Buy, Ikea Will Soon Sell Their Own HDTV System And It’s Awesome

    Ikea is entering a brave new world: home entertainment systems. The company unveiled its UPPLEVA line today with a smart YouTube ad (embedded after the jump). The video spot quickly explains that the UPPLEVA line is the savior to living rooms everywhere with hidden cable tracks, integrated wireless components and a customizable cabinet design. Argue all you want, but an HDTV is a… Read More

  • The End Of Books: Ikea Is Changing Shelves To Reflect Changing Demand

    The End Of Books: Ikea Is Changing Shelves To Reflect Changing Demand

    If you needed any more proof that the age of dead-tree books is over take a look at these alarming style changes at Ikea: the furniture manufacturer’s iconic BILLY bookcase – the bookcase that everyone put together when they got their first apartment and, inevitably, pounded the nails wrong into – is becoming deeper and more of a curio cabinet. Why? Because Ikea is noticing… Read More

  • Beware Of Exploding Ikea Alarm Clocks

    Haters gonna hate. Reports just hit that states “booby-trapped” Ikea alarm clocks recently exploded within stores in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. One calls the incidents fireworks where another uses the phrase small explosions that seem to cause nothing more than earaches. In at least one case, two clocks were simultaneously detonated remotely and a company spokesperson… Read More

  • DIY: Adjustable Mic Stand From An IKEA Lamp

    Having an adjustable mic stand is essential for home recording or podcasting. Those mics are so sensitive that you really have to place them in the right position. Unfortunately, decent articulating mic stands can be expensive. But, if you’re close enough to an IKEA store to buy an IKEA TERTIAL lamp, then you can make your own. It’s as easy as removing the bulb and head of the lamp… Read More

  • Introducing a program to produce all valid Ikea Train set configurations

    If you’re a parent, you know that kids love them some wooden tracks. I’m serious. Kids could would totally spend hours whining about tracks and then, when they get them, refuse to play with them. That’s why I love Ikea’s wooden train set which costs like $10 and can make a few nice configurations. But how many configurations can you make? According to this dude you can… Read More

  • DIY: The Ikea camera dolly

    Here’s one of the easier projects I’ve seen on Make in a while. Take an Ikea “Ivar” ladder, lay it on the floor, and use it as a camera dolly. Just the thing for shooting video, I could have used one of these while we were in Vegas. The best part about this project? It’s cheap. You’re looking at roughly $30 worth of parts to build this. Read More

  • Steve Jobs would be proud of this Ikea hack

    I’m a sucker for clever desks and organization objects. Sometimes you don’t need a massive Pottery Barn desk to email your parents pics of the kids. All you need is a place to sit and two little shelves from Ikea. (and some handyman skills) Read More

  • Ikea strainer turned into super Wi-Fi antenna

    An enterprising young man studying abroad in Russia has turned a run-of-the-mill strainer from Ikea into a Wi-Fi super antenna using little more than the aforementioned strainer, a marker, and SKOTCH tape. Read More

  • Weekend Project: Build an electric guitar from an IKEA cutting board

    After hearing Brad Paisley say that a Fender Telecaster “is nothing more than a cutting board, a baseball bat, and strings,” Zachary Custom Guitars decided to put that idea to the test — minus the part about the baseball bat. Read More

  • Ikea selling $20 solar-powered desk lamps

    In case you hadn’t heard, Ikea is on the solar bandwagon. After pumping $75 million into various environmentally-sustainable initiatives, we’re starting to see products trickle out. Aside from solar-powered garden lights — which have actually been availalbe from numerous companies for a while — you can also pick up a $20 solar desk lamp. Read More

  • Well now, IKEA makes solar-powered lights

    What’s that dumb joke, something about “why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway”? That logic doesn’t really hold up when you’re looking at something like these solar-powered garden lights. They’re IKEA’s first such “solar” products, which means we’re in for a treat in the upcoming months as more and more goodies trickle out. Read More

  • Ikea getting into cheap solar panels

    Everybody’s favorite gigantic furniture store filled with flat-packed boxes is getting into solar panels. Cheap ones, too. Ikea is apparently getting ready to pump $75 million into "as many as ten companies in five different areas: solar technology, energy conservation, water saving products, alternative lighting, and new product materials,” according to TreeHugger. The goal… Read More

  • Ikea trash-can light tent

    Light tents are great for taking pictures of gadgetry and small pieces of meat. This light tent uses a fniss trash can from Ikea, a halogen lamp, and a camera mount. You shoot through the bottom of the can to get a nice, soft light over entire object. It’s about $50 cheaper than most other light tents and it’s snowy in the Northeast today, so why not do a little DIY? Project Page Read More