• Ikan uses Android to reorder groceries

    Making a list of the stuff you use every day in the kitchen it just too damn hard, eh? The creator of the Ikan thought so, which is why he created a device that allows you to track what you use on a daily basis. And it runs Android! Read More

  • Ikan Is Set To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

    I believe that everyone can admit without a doubt that our lives have become so busy that simple tasks like grocery shopping have become tedious and a huge waste of time. I hate grocery shopping, but being a fat kid isn’t the most conducive mindset to have on this subject. I wouldn’t mind it as much if I didn’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines, either. It’s a… Read More

  • Keep Your Fridge Stocked with Ikan

    If you’ve even been on a late night Mountain Dew binge only to wake up and forget how many of the “Extreme” beverages you need to restock for your next LAN party, Ikan might have the fix for you. Ikan is a special bar code scanner you can use to keep your grocery shopping list up to date. As you use items, simply scan them before you trash them to keep a running tally of… Read More