• Missing iGoogle? Try Backstitch Instead

    Missing iGoogle? Try Backstitch Instead

    In July, Google announced its plans to shut down iGoogle, its personalized homepage that users customized with gadgets of their choosing, including things like Twitter updates, shopping lists, calendar appointments, news feeds, weather, and more. There was a surprising amount of backlash at the time – apparently, some folks out there were still pretty reliant on having a one-stop-shop… Read More

  • Google To Affix A "Slow" Scarlett Letter To Some iGoogle Gadgets

    On its iGoogle Developer Blog today Google issued a warning to developers: Optimize your gadgets for speed, or we’re labeling them as “slow” in the directory. Starting in late September, Google says that any widget that doesn’t meet a speed requirement, will get a nice “slow” badge attached to its directory listing. The only detail it gives about the… Read More

  • iGoogle Releases Social Gadgets

    iGoogle, a personalized homepage that competes with My Yahoo, My MSN, My AOL, Netvibes and others, will release 19 new in-house and third party iGoogle widgets today that add new social and sharing features to users of the service. An overview of the service is in the video below, and a tour of some of the features and gadgets is here. We saw some early tests of social gadgets from Google… Read More

  • Google Goes After Celebrities With iGoogle Showcase

    Twitter’s not the only social platform to have a celebrity fetish. Google is bringing out its inner obsession with celeb users by launching iGoogle Showcase, which allows you to see and share the homepages of your favorite celebs. The current site showcases iGoogle homepages from celebs such as Rachael Ray, Al Gore, and Katie Couric. The showcase also highlights web celebs like Kevin… Read More

  • Screenshots Of Google's Next Social Step

    We just received a screenshot of an iGoogle page, that appears to show a couple interesting new elements of Google’s ever-evolving social blanket. The screenshot supposedly comes from the developer sandbox version of iGoogle (where it tests out new features), and shows options to socially integrate Google widgets. The one shown in the image below is the Google Finance widget, which… Read More

  • Hooray for anything: Video game themes hit iGoogle

    Are you one of the eight people who actually uses iGoogle? Good news for you, then, as Google is working with video game publishers, like Nintendo, Capcom and Activison Blizzard, to produce custom themes for the site. (Two minutes pass.) I just turned on this Street Fighter IV theme, and the chances of me using iGoogle just went up by 100 percent. So, job done, Google. Read More

  • Alltop Launches Personalized Feed Reader That Can Hardly Be Personalized

    Alltop, the “online magazine rack” that offers visitors a clean overview of RSS-feed enabled sources categorized by topic, is launching version 3.0 today with the addition of a custom feed reader that’s supposed to make it easier for users to personalize their user experience when browsing for online news. But how personalized is it really? The feature, dubbed MyAlltop… Read More

  • iGoogle Gadgets Are Getting Social Smarts

    New social features are popping up in iGoogle gadgets, those apps you can add to your personalized Google homepage. For instance, the My Google Book Search Library gadget, which lets you search books and create a personal digital library, now asks people who have OpenSocial profiles if they want to allow the gadget to “know who I am and access my profile” and “post updates to… Read More

  • Screen Shots Of Upcoming MySpace Data Availability Widget for iGoogle

    MySpace and Google demonstrated an interesting mashup of the MySpace Data Availability API, oAuth and the iGoogle gadget specification at the oAuth Summit a couple of weeks ago. The application, which pulls the core MySpace feature set into iGoogle, is not yet publicly available, although MySpace has said to expect in in August. It’s another example of data portability in action (as well… Read More

  • My Yahoo Rolls Out New Interface, Tries To Fend Off iGoogle

    My Yahoo, the leading customized homepage provider, has finally rolled out its redesigned interface to all of its users. Yahoo has allowed users to upgrade to the new interface for over a year, but has taken its time in rolling it out to everyone. New features in this release include: More modules from content providers (New York Times, WSJ, etc.) More modules that integrate content from… Read More

  • Google releases new iGoogle artist themes

    For those of you that use Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, you may have noticed that there are now even more options as far as your themes are concerned. Google recently added themes by “world class artists and innovators” like Jackie Chan, The Wiggles, and yes, even Coldplay. iGoogle Artist Themes [Google.com] Read More

  • The Personalized Homepage War: Who Matters

    It’s time for an update on the personalized homepage wars – Netvibes and Pageflakes tend to get most of the press attention, and they are certainly pushing the envelope and trying to find new ways to make their services useful to users. But those two services have less than 4% of the market for personalized homepages between them (I have emailed both companies to see if their… Read More

  • Google Now Offering iPhone Version Of iGoogle

    Spotted by Google Operating System is a new iPhone specific interface for Google’s personalized webpage product iGoogle. The page can accessed directly from http://google.com/ig/i, although iPhone users should be immediately redirected to this page when trying to access iGoogle. The new iPhone interface is a step up from Google’s previous offering of a mobile specific page at… Read More

  • Run your Google Desktop gadgets on your iGoogle page

    With Google’s new Desktop 5.5 Beta, you’re now able to run the gadgets once relegated to your computer’s sidebar right on your web browser’s personalized iGoogle start page. Before you get too excited (or even a little excited), it should be pointed out that Google Desktop must be installed and running on your computer for this to work within your web browser. So… Read More