• Want To Own The Company Behind iFart Mobile? Buy It Now For $1 Million

    Want To Own The Company Behind iFart Mobile? Buy It Now For $1 Million

    The iPhone and fart applications. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. One of the companies that’s been on the forefront of the stinky mobile applications revolution for the iOS platform is now up for sale, and you can ‘buy it now’ on eBay for $1 million. So what does that money get you? In a quite humorous press release, the creators of the iFart Mobile app… Read More

  • Former App Store King iFart Gets Blocked From The iPad

    Back in December 2008, when the App Store was still less than half a year old, I wrote a post about an application that has now become something of an iPhone staple: iFart. The app and similar ‘gross’ applications like it have gone on to become immensely popular, proving that the general public has an insatiable and somewhat disturbing appetite for recorded flatulence. Read More

  • iFart Mobile creator shocked – shocked! – at audacity of competition

    It’s rare for a genius to truly get satisfaction in his own time. Picasso was unappreciated until much later in life and Van Gogh died before receiving the notoriety he deserved. And so we meet Joel Comm, creator of iFart Mobile, who finds himself so decidedly under-appreciated and misrepresented in the realm fart programs for the iPhone that he is suing his closest competitor, Pull… Read More