An entry-level VR headset that doesn’t need a phone

If you’re going to do yet another VR headset, the least you can do is bring something new to table. For Alcatel, that means an all-in-on solution, doing away with the need for a tethered computer or

A 38-inch curved gaming monitor isn’t as immersive as VR, but it’s still pretty neat

At $1,500, the 38UC99 works out to around $39 per inch of curved gaming monitor. And it’s a pretty lovely thing to behold – particularly when lined up alongside two other 38-inch gaming monitors.

Wacom’s Intuos 3D package bundles a pen tablet with 3D design software

Wacom’s IFA announcements thus far have centered around the company’s consumer-facing Bamboo line. Earlier this week, the tablet maker showed off two new versions of its sketchpad digitizer, i

Acer’s 17 pound, curved-screen temple to gaming excess

Where to start? There’s the weight: 17 pounds. The screen: 21 inches, 2560 x 1080, curved. The power supplies: two. The fans: five. Rear ports: 21. Or how about the gaming pad that flips over, trap

LG’s Amazon Echo competitor will get Alexa functionality

LG’s SmartThinQ Hub looks a lot like the Amazon Echo. It’s the first thing that occurred to me when it was announced right around CES of this year, and it was probably the first thing that occ

You probably don’t need a $3,200 gold-plated Walkman

I mean, yeah, it sounds good. It’s a $3,200 Walkman. It had better sound good. And hey, it sounds even better when paired with a $2,300 pair of Sony headphones (MDR-Z1R) and that new $2,200 Sony hea

ISKN’s smart drawing pad learns a few new tricks

Didn’t see this coming. The big trend at this year’s IFA (once you factor out the eight billion fitness bands and Bluetooth headphones, at least) is apparently drawing pads. Wacom, Lenovo and now

Sennheiser debuts a bunch of new headphones at IFA

Sennheiser’s always got a fair amount of stuff to show off at IFA. After all, the show is kind of, sort of in the audio company’s backyard (well, only a three hour drive away). This year it’s do

Why not buy a set of wireless speakers to match your furniture?

If you’re going to shell out some serious cash on a set of Bluetooth speakers, you might as well find a pair that matches the upholstery right? It’s a philosophy that has dominated a number of Ban

Blue’s Yeti USB mic will ship with a copy of ‘Watchdogs 2’ for some reason

I’ve always considered Blue’s USB microphones a podcasting tool — and I suspect Blue has, as well. They’re easy to use, they sound good and they’re affordable. Heck, I recorded my bit of

3Doodler targets architects and designers with a new professional 3D printing pen

Desktop 3D printers have long had a tough road to legitimacy. For as long as the space has existed, critics have questioned their purpose beyond the creation of simple, plastic ephemera. It’s been a

Sen.se releases a peanut-shaped temperature sensor

Sen.se is… a strange company. Take, for example, the fact that its website’s About section begins with a treatise titled “the meaning of life.” Or the fact that its smart sensor product i

Jabra joins the fully wireless earbud game

Jabra’s still probably best known for its headsets/teleconferencing devices, but the company’s been making a fairly aggressive push into consumer headphones of late. Of particular interest is the

Withings adds heart-rate monitoring to its analog fitness watch

There’s really only so much you can do with your analog fitness watch before it turns into something else. Withings already has one of the nicer offerings in the space in the form of the Steel &#82

HP does the modular thing with a new desktop

Granted, it’s not a desktop that looks like a piece of IKEA furniture, but at least HP is trying something moderately interesting — or is it “modularly interesting?” The company’s certai

Netatmo launches valves to turn your dumb, dumb radiator into a smart one

Turning your good old radiator into a connected, smart radiator could be a dream of yours. Imagine being able to control the temperature of each radiator individually without having to move from the c

TV streaming app Molotov is now available on the iPhone

French startup Molotov has been available in France for a couple of months already, and it is rolling out new platforms. After launching on the iPad, the Apple TV and computers, the company is launchi

ZTE moves on to phase two of its crowdsourcing CSX project

As far as smartphone gimmicks go, CSX is a pretty fun one. The project takes the sort of community driven creation brought to space courtesy of startups like OnePlus and takes it to the next level, as

ZTE dubs its new 5.2-inch handset “Mini”

We apparently live in a world now where a company can get away with calling a 5.2-inch phone a “mini.” Keep in mind that when the first Galaxy Note was introduced at IFA five years back, many were

TomTom’s got three new fitness trackers for IFA

If you used to make in-car navigation devices, odds are pretty good you make wearables now. That’s just the way things are. Now that everyone has turn-by-turn driving directions on their phone, thos
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