• LG Bolsters Optimus 3D App Library With 3D Game Converter

    LG Bolsters Optimus 3D App Library With 3D Game Converter

    Compelling content is the key to ensuring that 3D smartphones are more than a just a flash in the pan, and right now, there just isn’t much of it floating around. LG, makers of the Optimus 3D handset, aims to address that content issue with the recent announcement of their new 3D Game Converter software. Read More

  • Samsung’s IFA App Reveals New Galaxy Tab, Wave Handset

    Samsung’s IFA App Reveals New Galaxy Tab, Wave Handset

    Samsung’s pre-IFA Unpacked app is usually pretty dry as far as contents are concerned: there are event schedules and press releases aplenty, but some curious Android fans have discovered some juicy new tidbits deep within the app’s innards. Read More

  • Samsung Teases For IFA, Glowing Handsets And Beautiful People

    Samsung Teases For IFA, Glowing Handsets And Beautiful People

    Samsung has something big in store for IFA 2011 — but don’t they always. The company just unveiled two videos for its latest marketing campaign that, per the rules of Viral 101, do not show anything of interest. Still, IFA is Europe’s CES and they company is bound to have something newsworthy like a Galaxy II successor or a Galaxy Tab of the 7-inch variety. The second… Read More

  • Rumor: Windows Phone 7 Mango To Launch On September 1st?

    Rumor: Windows Phone 7 Mango To Launch On September 1st?

    If recent reports hold true, Microsoft may be preparing to release their long-awaited Windows Phone Mango update sooner than expected. Based on information from “trusted sources,” Pocket-lint reports that Mango’s official rollout will begin on September 1, ahead of the generic “Fall” launch window Microsoft had previously announced. Read More

  • As IFA Nears, Expect Nothing But Tablets & 3D TVs…sigh

    IFA is upon us; think CES but bigger. The showfloor doesn’t open until September 3rd, but most of the news should drop this week as companies try to steal 15 minutes of fame before the flustercuck begins. And this year it’s all about Android tablets and 3D TVs. I know, exciting stuff. You could almost feel the excitement at CES 2010 back in January. It felt like the whole CE market… Read More

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab(let): The Final Countdown

    In just a few short hours I will be in a jet plane over the Atlantic Ocean con destino a Berlin. Yes: I’m going to IFA. And truth be told, one of the biggest things to come out of the show will be the Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Tab. Here’s what we know so far. Read More

  • Pocketbook Pro: The E-Readers Are Coming (To IFA)

    Knowing nothing else, I’d say that this year’s IFA show in Germany (think CES, but European) will be all about tablets and e-readers. All the tablets I’ve seen thus far have been sorta “meh,” but I’m reasonably bullish on e-readers, if only because I actually find them useful. Will I see these new Pocketbook e-readers on the show floor? Looks like. Read More

  • German Custom agents spotted at IFA 2008

    Large, international tradeshows can showcase the absolute bleeding edge of technology. Sometimes though, said tech was developed with the unknown help of another company, so obviously, this can come to a breaking point at these tradeshows. According to The Register, German Custom agents have been busy this year at IFA.  A spokesman for German Customs told us: “We’ve raided… Read More

  • Dolby is all over IFA 2008

    From the standard fare of receivers to gaming headsets, Dolby has invaded IFA this year. Harman Kardon is going to launch the first receiver with Dolby’s touted Volume technology that ensures constant volume across all content media. Then there is the Plantronics GameCom 777 headset aimed at gamers with surround sound. PCs are getting a sound upgrade as well with Dolby Home Theater and… Read More

  • Harman Kardon breaks glass with GLA-55 speakers

    Indiana Jones or Superman prop; classy or just plain tacky? I can’t decide but I’ve to give the boys over at Harman Kardon for suck a clever name: GLA-55. ‘Cause it’s made out of glass. Get it?  Anyway, getting down to the details. Only two to three thousand are going to be made and priced at £500. Within the crystal speakers lay a 56 watt per speaker… Read More

  • Delta announces LED-lit DLP projector; AV crowd looks on curiously

    Delta Electronics took the IFA global stage and announced the companies first LED-powered DLP projector. The initial specs sound good – expect one, keep reading – 1080p, large color gamut, and 20,000 hours on the LED unit. The company didn’t announce pricing yet, but it will be at CEDIA next week so I’ll hit ’em up with some questions then. Before I ask about… Read More