IEEE 1394

  • FireWire catching up to USB with 3.2 GB/s spec

    The IEEE has approved a new standard for IEEE 1394, introducing support for faster data transfers, marking a significant improvement for the serial bus interface. The new IEEE 1394-2008 specification will introduce support for S1600 (1.6 GB/s) and S3200 (3.2 GB/s). It will be fully backward compatible with previous ports, S400 and S800. Many older FireWire and i.Link devices are still running… Read More

  • New FireWire standard promises big speed increase

    Hey everybody, get ready to have your asses rocked by the impending four-fold increase in FireWire transfer speed. It’s gonna make you wish that you had your own crash helmet for some reason or another. Seriously though, I miss FireWire. Ever since USB 2.0 came out, I’m down to only one device that still uses the good old IEEE 1394 interface. It’s an old Canon GL1 camcorder… Read More