Microsoft: Internet Explorer 10 Is The Most Energy-Efficient Browser, Uses Up To 18% Less Power Than Chrome And Firefox

If everybody switched from Chrome and Firefox to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, we could save enough energy to power 10,000 U.S. households, a new study (PDF) commissioned by Microsoft says. The r

Social Video App Vyclone Brings Its Collaborative Video Editor To The Web

Vyclone, a service for creating collaborative videos of events and locations launched its iOS app for last summer. Just about a week ago, the company launched its Android app and today, it is also lau

After Previously Blocking It, Microsoft Now Enables Flash By Default On IE10 For Windows 8 And RT

Today, Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8’s Metro/Modern UI mode and on Windows RT blocks Flash by default and only allows sites on Microsoft’s curated Compatibility View (CV) lists to play

Microsoft Launches IE10 For Windows 7, Starts Auto-Upgrading IE9 Users And Launches New Ad Campagin

This sure took a while, but Microsoft just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that Internet Explorer 10 is now finally available for all Windows 7 users worldwid

Microsoft Launches Modern.IE To Help Developers Test Their Web Apps For Legacy And Modern Versions Of IE

Even though Microsoft itself would <a target="_blank" href="">prefer to change this</a>, many users still rely on older versions of Internet Explorer. For developers,

Microsoft Will Finally Release A Preview Of IE10 For Windows 7 In November

Microsoft will finally launch a preview of <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Explorer 10</a> for Windows 7 <a target="_blank" href="