• The Internal Call To Decentralize Twitter That Fizzled

    The Internal Call To Decentralize Twitter That Fizzled

    This is the very last thing I’ll write about Alex Payne writing about Twitter. I think. Payne wrote a great post on his personal blog yesterday with his thoughts on the new version of and what it means. He also reflected back on his time (three and a half years) at Twitter, before moving on to his new job, with the banking disruption startup BankSimple. Payne, who has a… Read More

  • StatusNet Signs Sh*t My Dad Says For Hosted Microblogging (Public Beta)

    Does the world need more than one Twitter? How about 10,000 of them? That is how many sites are running on the hosted version of StatusNet, which went into private beta at our Realtime CrunchUp last November. Today, StatusNet is opening up its hosted service to all comers in a public beta. You can think about StatusNet as the WordPress of microblogging. StatusNet is open-source software… Read More

  • StatusNet (Of Fame) Raises $875,000 To Become The WordPress Of Microblogging

    Montreal-based StatusNet, the company behind the open-source microblogging service, is closing an $875,000 seed round today. Investors include Montreal Startup, iNovia Capital, Fotolia co-founder Oleg Tscheltzoff, and Xavier Niel. The startup, which changed its name a few weeks ago from Control Yourself, raised a previous seed round of $150,000 from Montreal Startup in January… Read More

  • Twingly Launches Microblogging Search Engine

    One thing we need is better search for microblogging sites like Twitter, Friendfeed and their competitors. Swedish search engine Twingly is launching just that – a new microblogging search tool – today. Use it to search a variety of sites – Twitter, Jaiku,,, and Pownce archives (since the service is now dead). They’re calling it the… Read More

  • Jaiku Founder: "We're Not Dying, We're Morphing"

    Last week, Google announced that the company was unceremoniously discontinuing or at least ceasing development of a number of services it had launched or acquired in the past, including Google Video, Notebook, Catalog Search, Dodgeball and The Mashup Editor. The shutdown of the latter two was announced on the Google Code blog by VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra, along with some explanation… Read More

  • Friendfeed's Bret Taylor talks XMPP on Gillmor Gang

    Friendfeed co-founder Bret Taylor joined the Gillmor Gang this afternoon to discuss Friendfeed’s XMPP stream of its Home and Friends List feeds. I sat with Taylor at the Friendfeed offices and Marc Canter joined intermittently by phone. Canter took the opportunity to vent about Friendfeed’s responsibility to exert leadership in the XMPP space before his line unexpectedly went… Read More

  • Hello Goodbye

    Something just happened and I think it may be important. While not everything has been put in place, it appears the necessary ingredients for a conversational platform – correction, open conversational platform – have been added to the mix. What Dave Winer calls the two-party system may be emerging at just the right time to gather tangible momentum. What Winer brought to the… Read More

  • The Problem With Is That It Is Not Twitter

    The launch of Twitter clone earlier this week caused a bit of a blogstorm because it appears to have a solution to Twitter’s all-too-regular downtime. (That problem has reached comical proportions, with the familiar Twitter Fail Whale now appearing on T-shirts and kitschy art).’s answer to Twitter’s scaling issues is by open-sourcing its code and… Read More